Celtics Are Reportedly Very Close To Trading For Russel Westbrook

Um, what the fuck is going on right now? This NBA off-season has been the craziest off season I think in any sports history. Literally every team making moves, big names being traded and signed, and now another top 5 player may be on the move. Reports came out today saying Russel Westbrook looks to be traded, and the team on top of the trade rumors are of course the Celtics. As a Celtics fan, basically all you hear is rumors. So I won’ really take this serious until it is official. I LOVE Westbrook. He is honestly a beast, and in my opinion, the most explosive player in the leauge. I would love the Celtics to trade for him, but only in two scenerios. If we have a written commitment that he is going to re-sign with us next year, and we don’t trade Isiah Thomas. Although Westbrook is better than Isiah, it would really suck to see him go. I’m also hearing rumors about Blake Griffen, who I also like, but I don’t think can carry a team by himself. He’s an elite #2 player on a team, if hes your star player, I think you are going to be stuck in the mud. But a Westbrook, Griffen, and Hortford line-up can honestly compete with the Cavs and Warriors.


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