Red Sox Trade For All Star Pitcher Drew Pomeranz

The Red Sox are making moves, and I fucking love it. I’ve always said, if we an get a good pitcher and not give up Moncada or Benitendi, we have to do it. People have been complaining since the season started about our pitching, and Dombrowski delivered yet again. Dave Dombrowski is known for trading prospects for big names on what ever team he’s around, and today was no different. The Sox traded their number one pitching prospect Anderson Espinonza to get Pomeranz, which kind of sucks. People have been comparing Espinoza to Pedro, but honestly hes 18 years old, how many times have there been prospects that people think will pan out, and they are just complete duds? I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know who Pomeranz was until the all-star game this week, but after watching some film, this dude has a nasty curve and is a great addition to the rotation. But then again, people will always find a way to complain about trading for an all-star pitcher. I can’t wait to watch this guy.


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