A-Rod Calls It Quits

Alex Rodriguez retires from the game of baseball, in the middle of August…… What a wild carer A-Rod has had. A guy that has won the MVP 3 times (probably should be 5 times), a 14 time all-star, 10 time silver slugger, owns a world series ring, and is number four on the all time home run list, isn’t even going to be in the Hall Of Fame. A-Rod was probably the greatest all around baseball player that I grew up watching. And to be honest, I hated him so much when he was the best player in the leauge and on the Yankees. What made the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry so great, was A-Rod. He was the highest paid player, a cry baby diva, but would also mash the ball against us. Love him or hate him, A-Rod is an all time great. It sucks that his career has to end like this, and his legacy is forever tainted. When A-Rod eventually gets snubbed from the HOF, everyone who watched him play will know how great he really was. He doesn’t need a plaque to be recognized as a potential GOAT. I loved A-Rod when he was on the Mariners and Rangers, and that love instantly turned to hate when he joined the dark side. But he won me back towards the end of his career. After he was suspended 211 games or what ever bizarre number it was, I loved that he continued to mash dingers when everyone thought his career was done. When he created “A-Rod Corp” and pretended like he was doing extensive paper work 24/7, but in reality he was just signing balls, was great.

Buisness man version of A-Rod is my favorite. It’s going to be weird watching baseball without him, you will be forever missed sweet prince.


Celtics Will Play The Knicks On Christmas Day

Absolutely love this. I’m honestly not a huge regular season basketball fan, unless of course its the Celtics, or if there is a great match up. But there is something about NBA Basketball  on Christmas day that does it for me. And the fact that we are going to see the NBA’s new super team, the Knicks face off against the Cs is great. Putting on ABC on Christmas, sitting on the couch and watching basketball all day is what Christmas is all about. Christmas basketball should only be big market teams, and this year, we got our wish. Celtics vs Knicks at MSG will do great numbers, and honestly should be a great game. Christmas Melo, not as good as Olympic Melo, going up against IT and Hortford is going to be great. All around, the NBA nailed their X-mas schedule. With the Knicks/Celtics matchup kicking off around noon, the Golden State Cavs re-match will be awesome. I am also glad we get to see the new look Bulls team get some national spot light when they go up against the Spurs in San Antonio. A random match up that I absolutely love is the Timberwolves playing at OKC. The TWolves have so many young studs on their team, and I am glad Wiggins and KAT are actually going to get to be able to showcase their skills in the national spotlight. As for the “Battle of LA” the Clippers/Lakers match up should be a shit show. Hopefully Ingram and pull an upset for the Lakers, probably not though.