Nintendo Announces Their New System, The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally announced their new system yesterday, which was under the name NX, the Nintendo Switch. In my mind, the Nintendo 64 was the greatest system ever created, and the Gamecube was pretty damn fun. But the Wii and the Wii U kind of fell flat. What the Switch needs to do for me to buy it is just release new versions of old games. For instance, all of us growing up playing n64 remember the classics, like Super Mario 64, DK 64, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. If they can release a new version of each of those games, this shit will sell like hot cakes. If I can get a new Donkey Kong game that is similar to DK 64, and not have to buy the red expansion pack to play it (OGs now what I am talking about),

Image result for red expansion pak nintendo 64 I will be copping the Switch at the midnight release. Let’s not forget, I need a new Mario Kart to kick this system off right. Even a remasterd version of Mario Kart 64 will do it for me. Imagine tearing up Moo Moo Farms like a bastid in new graphics? Shit would be lit. Nintendo, don’t fuck this up.


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