The OA Was A Good Show But The Ending Was Cringe Worthy

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So Netflix dropped new fire last week with a new show called “The OA” and I guess they were looking to make a filler show similar to Stranger Things while they waited to release season 2. And while it wasn’t nearly as good as Stranger Things, the show was still decent. If you love weird sci-fi mystery stuff, then you will probably like this show. Some people complain about how the ending sucked, and it did, but it was really only the last 15 minuetes that were bad, the rest of the 8 episode season were pretty interesting and unique.

The ending was the definition of cringe worthy. Complete spoiler alert here, the show ends with a school shooter walking into the cafeteria, and Phyllis from The Office and four other high school kids do a very awkward spiritual dance to try to stop him. Yup, thats really what happens at the end. Literally couldn’t beilive my eyes when I was watching it. A show that was so unique and interesting, ending with maybe the most awkward scene ever was brutal. Clean it up Netflix, you made something awesome, but you gotta come better than this. In reality, when the people were doing the rain dance in front of a guy with an assault rifle, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t just stand there and watch it, he would probably just kill them. Just a thought.


I Need March Madness In My Life

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Around this time every year is when the March Madness fever kicks in for me. I start to watch more college basketball, and pretend to know what I am talking about, so when the brackets get released, I have a false sense of confidence in my bracket. But in my opinion, there really is nothing better in sports than the first day of March Madness. Yeah, the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup are cool, but when your team isn’t in it, I really could give a shit less. Skipping class or calling out of work and crushing infinite Bud Lights while you stuff your face with disgusting food while watching like 40 basketball games in a day and not leaving your couch is the American dream, and honestly is the perfect day to me. You get to see the kids from last years tournaments, who you swear graduated 6 years ago (talking to you Perry Ellis).Image result for perry ellis

I swear that dude was on Kansas for 6 years. Progressively got balder and weirder looking as time went on. It comes at the perfect time to, and lasts a month. With the NFL over, the MLB yet to start, and no one caring about the NHL or NBA until the playoffs, the March Madness tournament is a great filler.

If you hear this song, and honestly don’t get excited for March Madness, you suck and I probably don’t want to be friends with you. So let’s fucking have it, only a couple months away until my dreams of winning the pool are shattered when a team like Yale beats UNC round one! NFL football jets new york jets cant wait

Patriots Want A First And Fourth Round Pick For Jimmy G

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Love it! Absolutely love it. If there is a team out there who needs a QB, and there are a ton, and are dumb enough to throw a first and fourth round pick to the Patriots, we have to do it. Listen, I love Jimmy, but I also have an obsession with draft picks. The last time the Patriots had a pick in the top 10 was in 2008, when they snagged Jerod Mayo, and after that was when they drafted Nate Solder at 17 in 2011. I am feening for a draft pick in the top 10 again. Who knows what Jimmy will be? Could he be the next Brady? Maybe, but probably not. But he could also be the next shit bum quarterback the Browns throw out on opening day in 2017. I’m not saying do this trade to a decent team, but a shitty team like the Bears, who are willing to dish out a real early first round pick to us, and just hope TB12 keeps eating his avocado ice cream and remains ageless. Because if we trade Jimmy, and draft some haggard ass free safety from Rutgers that Bill has a hard on for, and Brady goes down, I really have no hope for the #BrissettEra. Regardless of what we do, I have faith in Bill. Unless he trades for anything below a first round pick, then fuck this.

Todd Gurley Tells Fan To “Pull Up” On Twitter


It finally hit me last week. The Rams team, coaches, fans, and ownership are so fucking pathetic. It honestly pisses me off how pathetic they really are, and this tweet from their star running back sums up their season perfectly. First off, they move to LA, and literally no one is watching/cares about their games. After week one when all the celebrities came out to pretend like they like football, people forgot about them. And its going to be the same deal when their new stadium is eventually built. Then they go ahead and trade a shit ton of future picks to jump to #1 in this years draft to take Jared Goff. Just from watching Hard Knocks this summer I knew this kid was going to suck. I like him, but he just looks shitty. And then last night, he gets demolished by Richard Sherman and gets knocked out of the game, as they go on to lose 24-3 on national TV. And lets talk about last night. Their jerseys were an embarrassment. They went with some old school white on blue helmet which I thought were pretty cool, and then they ruined it by wearing their normal uniforms that didn’t match their jerseys at all. Such a Rams move. Can’t do anything right, absolute pathetic. And then their was the Jeff Fisher era. Which ended just days ago, after they gave him a two year extension. If anyone deserves an extension it is Jeff Fisher. Guy really knows how to coach a team and win football games. Just kidding, he fucking sucks and tied the record for most all time loses by a head coach before getting fired. And now we have their star running back fighting with people over twitter, and saying his offense is like a middle school offense. It just pisses me off that we have teams like the Rams, who are by far the most pathetic team in the NFL, and in the same league we have all class teams like the Patriots. Coached well, managed well, barley any off the field issues, and all they do is win. I don’t know why, but the Rams really just piss me off. Glad I got that off my chest.

Kanye Meets With Trump At Trump Towers


What the fuck? Kanye fresh out of the loony bin and his first move is to meet with President Elect Donald Trump. Such a Trump movie though. People say he is a racist, he goes out and daps up a legend of the rap game. Yes, the majority of Kanye’s new music sucks, but he has this fan base, that anything he does, they claim it is “art”. His clothing, which is homeless people clothing, his shoes, that if they didn’t have his name on them, no one would wear, and his music all sells out. But he just mouse trapped his fans so bad. I would say that if you are a huge Kanye fan, wear his clothes and go to his concerts, you hate Donald Trump. So here it is Kanye fans, do you hate your messiah now that he supports a certain political figure? Also, this move makes me have a little respect for Kanye. He doesn’t give a shit about your opinion about him, and if he likes Mr. Trump, he is going to dap him up. Not like 90% of celebrities who are afraid that supporting Mr. Trump will ruin their image.


PS: Surprising how crisp that dap up was. I’m usually a pound the fist guy because 85% of my daps either miss or are just shitty.

Patriots Sign Michael Floyd Fresh Off A DUI



So the Pats signed Michael Floyd yesterday after he was cut from the Cardinals for getting a DUI. I don’t hate this move. He has been pretty shitty this season, but over all hes a solid receiver, and we can really use some backup after the Gronk and Amendola injuries. Floyd is still relatively young and was a first round pick in 2012. This could either be a Belichick being smarter than everyone type of deal, or he plays one game for us and just gets cut. Who knows. He could play the Brandon Lafell role of 2014. Won’t blow you away, but will make some really clutch catches, then suck the following year and sign with the Bengals.











































Red Sox Trade For Chris Sale

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WOW! Dembrowski delivers once again. Although we traded Yoan Moncada and some prospect Kopech who throws like 105 mph, we got the man we needed. A bonafide ace. Sale is a cold blooded assign who throws absolute heat. The Sox brought up Moncada in September, and clearly he either wasn’t ready for the big leagues, or  maybe he just isn’t as good as people thought. The amount of strike outs he had in his short stints was certainly concerning. He would literally never swing at 2 strike curves down the middle. I really hope the kid pans out to be the star many think he will be, he will certainly miss. Now Kopech will be 21 once the MLB season starts, and reports are this kid throws absolute fire. Like 105 mph fire. But he was also suspended for 50 games for PEDs, which may be why he was throwing gas that high.

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Dombrowski has been known for selling the farm systems of teams hes been in control of. Winning now is something hes big about, and this is the year. Although last year was suppose to be their year, but I personally think this is the best rotation the Sox have had in the history of the franchise. Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, Steven Wright, Clay Buchholz, and they even have an excess amount of starters. Drew Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriqguez, two pitchers who would be #2 pitchers on most other teams, may be the odd men out of this rotation.

Now with our rotation pretty much locked in, that leaves us with the lineup. The Red Sox traded Travis Shaw for a pretty good reliever from the Milwaukee Brewers earlier today, so that leaves a big hole at third base. Many thought possibly Moncada could fill in, but a new picture leaked of the Red Sox 95 million dollar man, Pablo Sandoval, yesterday

Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval at the team's spring training facilities during the 2016 offseason. (Photo courtesy of Alvaro Hernandez)

Panda clearly looks visibly slimmer than this picture from spring training last seasonImage result for sandoval fat

Fans kind of lost faith in Panda and thought he was the worst signing in the long history of the team, and rightly so, he was a fat ass slob and literally got injured from being too fat, but now is his chance to truly win back the love he lost from Red Sox Nation when he showed up mildly obese last year.

I truly am going to miss Yoan Moncada, and I really do hope he becomes a great player. But at the end of the day, when you get a chance to get a 5x all star, you have to pull the trigger. Lets go baby, sign Edwin Encarnarcion as the DH and just coast to the World Series. It is that easy, that simple.