Red Sox Trade For Chris Sale

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WOW! Dembrowski delivers once again. Although we traded Yoan Moncada and some prospect Kopech who throws like 105 mph, we got the man we needed. A bonafide ace. Sale is a cold blooded assign who throws absolute heat. The Sox brought up Moncada in September, and clearly he either wasn’t ready for the big leagues, or  maybe he just isn’t as good as people thought. The amount of strike outs he had in his short stints was certainly concerning. He would literally never swing at 2 strike curves down the middle. I really hope the kid pans out to be the star many think he will be, he will certainly miss. Now Kopech will be 21 once the MLB season starts, and reports are this kid throws absolute fire. Like 105 mph fire. But he was also suspended for 50 games for PEDs, which may be why he was throwing gas that high.

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Dombrowski has been known for selling the farm systems of teams hes been in control of. Winning now is something hes big about, and this is the year. Although last year was suppose to be their year, but I personally think this is the best rotation the Sox have had in the history of the franchise. Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, Steven Wright, Clay Buchholz, and they even have an excess amount of starters. Drew Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriqguez, two pitchers who would be #2 pitchers on most other teams, may be the odd men out of this rotation.

Now with our rotation pretty much locked in, that leaves us with the lineup. The Red Sox traded Travis Shaw for a pretty good reliever from the Milwaukee Brewers earlier today, so that leaves a big hole at third base. Many thought possibly Moncada could fill in, but a new picture leaked of the Red Sox 95 million dollar man, Pablo Sandoval, yesterday

Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval at the team's spring training facilities during the 2016 offseason. (Photo courtesy of Alvaro Hernandez)

Panda clearly looks visibly slimmer than this picture from spring training last seasonImage result for sandoval fat

Fans kind of lost faith in Panda and thought he was the worst signing in the long history of the team, and rightly so, he was a fat ass slob and literally got injured from being too fat, but now is his chance to truly win back the love he lost from Red Sox Nation when he showed up mildly obese last year.

I truly am going to miss Yoan Moncada, and I really do hope he becomes a great player. But at the end of the day, when you get a chance to get a 5x all star, you have to pull the trigger. Lets go baby, sign Edwin Encarnarcion as the DH and just coast to the World Series. It is that easy, that simple.


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