Kanye Meets With Trump At Trump Towers


What the fuck? Kanye fresh out of the loony bin and his first move is to meet with President Elect Donald Trump. Such a Trump movie though. People say he is a racist, he goes out and daps up a legend of the rap game. Yes, the majority of Kanye’s new music sucks, but he has this fan base, that anything he does, they claim it is “art”. His clothing, which is homeless people clothing, his shoes, that if they didn’t have his name on them, no one would wear, and his music all sells out. But he just mouse trapped his fans so bad. I would say that if you are a huge Kanye fan, wear his clothes and go to his concerts, you hate Donald Trump. So here it is Kanye fans, do you hate your messiah now that he supports a certain political figure? Also, this move makes me have a little respect for Kanye. He doesn’t give a shit about your opinion about him, and if he likes Mr. Trump, he is going to dap him up. Not like 90% of celebrities who are afraid that supporting Mr. Trump will ruin their image.


PS: Surprising how crisp that dap up was. I’m usually a pound the fist guy because 85% of my daps either miss or are just shitty.


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