Todd Gurley Tells Fan To “Pull Up” On Twitter


It finally hit me last week. The Rams team, coaches, fans, and ownership are so fucking pathetic. It honestly pisses me off how pathetic they really are, and this tweet from their star running back sums up their season perfectly. First off, they move to LA, and literally no one is watching/cares about their games. After week one when all the celebrities came out to pretend like they like football, people forgot about them. And its going to be the same deal when their new stadium is eventually built. Then they go ahead and trade a shit ton of future picks to jump to #1 in this years draft to take Jared Goff. Just from watching Hard Knocks this summer I knew this kid was going to suck. I like him, but he just looks shitty. And then last night, he gets demolished by Richard Sherman and gets knocked out of the game, as they go on to lose 24-3 on national TV. And lets talk about last night. Their jerseys were an embarrassment. They went with some old school white on blue helmet which I thought were pretty cool, and then they ruined it by wearing their normal uniforms that didn’t match their jerseys at all. Such a Rams move. Can’t do anything right, absolute pathetic. And then their was the Jeff Fisher era. Which ended just days ago, after they gave him a two year extension. If anyone deserves an extension it is Jeff Fisher. Guy really knows how to coach a team and win football games. Just kidding, he fucking sucks and tied the record for most all time loses by a head coach before getting fired. And now we have their star running back fighting with people over twitter, and saying his offense is like a middle school offense. It just pisses me off that we have teams like the Rams, who are by far the most pathetic team in the NFL, and in the same league we have all class teams like the Patriots. Coached well, managed well, barley any off the field issues, and all they do is win. I don’t know why, but the Rams really just piss me off. Glad I got that off my chest.


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