I Need March Madness In My Life

Image result for march madness

Around this time every year is when the March Madness fever kicks in for me. I start to watch more college basketball, and pretend to know what I am talking about, so when the brackets get released, I have a false sense of confidence in my bracket. But in my opinion, there really is nothing better in sports than the first day of March Madness. Yeah, the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup are cool, but when your team isn’t in it, I really could give a shit less. Skipping class or calling out of work and crushing infinite Bud Lights while you stuff your face with disgusting food while watching like 40 basketball games in a day and not leaving your couch is the American dream, and honestly is the perfect day to me. You get to see the kids from last years tournaments, who you swear graduated 6 years ago (talking to you Perry Ellis).Image result for perry ellis

I swear that dude was on Kansas for 6 years. Progressively got balder and weirder looking as time went on. It comes at the perfect time to, and lasts a month. With the NFL over, the MLB yet to start, and no one caring about the NHL or NBA until the playoffs, the March Madness tournament is a great filler.

If you hear this song, and honestly don’t get excited for March Madness, you suck and I probably don’t want to be friends with you. So let’s fucking have it, only a couple months away until my dreams of winning the pool are shattered when a team like Yale beats UNC round one! NFL football jets new york jets cant wait


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