Patriots Want A First And Fourth Round Pick For Jimmy G

Image result for jimmy garoppolo

Love it! Absolutely love it. If there is a team out there who needs a QB, and there are a ton, and are dumb enough to throw a first and fourth round pick to the Patriots, we have to do it. Listen, I love Jimmy, but I also have an obsession with draft picks. The last time the Patriots had a pick in the top 10 was in 2008, when they snagged Jerod Mayo, and after that was when they drafted Nate Solder at 17 in 2011. I am feening for a draft pick in the top 10 again. Who knows what Jimmy will be? Could he be the next Brady? Maybe, but probably not. But he could also be the next shit bum quarterback the Browns throw out on opening day in 2017. I’m not saying do this trade to a decent team, but a shitty team like the Bears, who are willing to dish out a real early first round pick to us, and just hope TB12 keeps eating his avocado ice cream and remains ageless. Because if we trade Jimmy, and draft some haggard ass free safety from Rutgers that Bill has a hard on for, and Brady goes down, I really have no hope for the #BrissettEra. Regardless of what we do, I have faith in Bill. Unless he trades for anything below a first round pick, then fuck this.


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