The OA Was A Good Show But The Ending Was Cringe Worthy

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So Netflix dropped new fire last week with a new show called “The OA” and I guess they were looking to make a filler show similar to Stranger Things while they waited to release season 2. And while it wasn’t nearly as good as Stranger Things, the show was still decent. If you love weird sci-fi mystery stuff, then you will probably like this show. Some people complain about how the ending sucked, and it did, but it was really only the last 15 minuetes that were bad, the rest of the 8 episode season were pretty interesting and unique.

The ending was the definition of cringe worthy. Complete spoiler alert here, the show ends with a school shooter walking into the cafeteria, and Phyllis from The Office and four other high school kids do a very awkward spiritual dance to try to stop him. Yup, thats really what happens at the end. Literally couldn’t beilive my eyes when I was watching it. A show that was so unique and interesting, ending with maybe the most awkward scene ever was brutal. Clean it up Netflix, you made something awesome, but you gotta come better than this. In reality, when the people were doing the rain dance in front of a guy with an assault rifle, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t just stand there and watch it, he would probably just kill them. Just a thought.


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