Star Wars Episode 8 Is Titled “The Last Jedi”

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Love it, absolutely love it. I really don’t know what it could mean, other than maybe Luke dies, and the last Jedi is his daughter, Rey. But December can’t come soon enough. I saw Rogue One a couple weeks ago, and honestly it was awesome. The problem I had with Episodes 1-3, was the amount of CGI. It felt like I was watching a god damn cartoon. Half the movie was CGI, I hate that shit. Give me real actors, not computer animated figures. Thats why I thought Episode 7 and Rogue One were so amazing. The battle scenes used actual people, not cartoons. It looks way better, and feels more realistic. This time around, I will not be looking at social media the night before I go to see Episode 8. I was on Instagram, and A-rod posted a picture, and some troll commented “Han Solo dies in Episode 7.” Like what the fuck, who comments that on Alex Rodriguez’s picture.

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Literally me when I read that. The whole movie I was hoping it was a fake rumor. Well, it wasn’t and that kind of ruined it for me. Can’t wait to marathon all the movies the night before Episode 8. Probably the nerdiest thing you can imagine, but I am pumped.


Patriots VS Falcons: Super Bowl LI

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So here we go. Matty Ice vs The Goat. Honestly, I am pumped we are playing the Falcons. Not only because I think they are beatable, but it if kind of refreshing. I’m sick of teams like the Seahawks, Packers. Give me a new team in the NFC. This reminds me of when the Pats played the Panthers in the Super Bowl back in the day. Honestly, these 2 weeks are going to DRAG. I’m feening this shit. Straight up IV the Super Bowl into my arm. I’ve been saying all along, I need this win. Give me one for the thumb, and honestly, I don’t care if we never win again, although we probably will win next year as well. If I can get 5 Super Bowl wins since 2001, I can die a happy Patriots fan. And the parade, its been far too long since I’ve been a parade (2013 Red Sox). Yeah, I missed the 2014 Patriots parade which pained me, but there was nothing I could do about it. And don’t give me this bullshit that the Falcons offense is unstoppable. Really, cut the shit. “Oh dude, they have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones!!! There backup receivers are sooooo good to! Too many weapons!” People are acting like we have no one on offense.

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Let me know what team has a better offense:

QB: Matt Ryan/Tom Brady

RB: Freeman, Coleman/ Blount, Lewis, James White

WR: Julio Jones, Muahmed Sanu, can’t name any others/ Edelman, Amendola, Chris Hogan, Malcom Mitchell, Michael Floyd

TE: No name white tight end (Can’t think of his name)/ Martellus Bennett

So yeah, keep making love to your statistics you nerds, because I will take our team over theirs any day. 31-24 Patriots. One for the fucking thumb, lets go.

So It Looks Like The Celtics May Get The #1 Pick In This Years Draft

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Finally, the #NetsPick looks to land the Celtics with the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. The Brooklyn Nets have lost 11 straight, and the teams that are just as bad as them keep winning. Like the Nets are bad, real bad. I am not going to sit here and say I am a die hard NBA fan, but I can name a handful of players on every team, but the only two Nets players I honestly can only name Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin. You know your team is brutal when Jeremy Lin is your best player, and he hasn’t played in like 3 weeks. I had to google their starting lineup tonight to see who was playing, and they started a dude named Spencer Dinwiddie. Really, there is a guy in the NBA named Spencer Dinwiddie. That is a white nerd scientist name, not an NBA player name. It kind of sucks that this years draft is pretty deep, but the majority of the top prospects are guards, which the Celtics already have an excess of, and Isaiah Thomas has been playing out of his mind, like Allen Iverson level.

So my guess would be that when we land the #1 pick in June, we will package that pick with maybe some bum ass players like Kelly Olynik or Amir Johnson, for a star PF or SG. But honestly having this much hype around a first round pick doesn’t come often in Boston, and it feels awesome. And we have next years Net’s pick as well. But honestly, the NBA is rigged, so we will probably get another 1997 Celtics tank to get Duncan and end up getting the 3 pick. Give me Demarcus Cousins……. I need Boogie.

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Bellator MMA Is Better Than The UFC

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Ok, clearly Bellator is not a superior product than the UFC, but honestly, I like it more. UFC has all the big names, and all the big hype around their pay-per-views, but Bellator is constantly dishing out unreal fights from washed up fighters. In my opinion, Bellator is like WWE mixed with MMA. You get these washed up fighters, like Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, and Chael Sonnen, and you create a WWE type rivalry between them, its a recipe for amazing television. Not to mention, its free on Spike TV. Not going to lie, I am a massive Spike TV fan. Such an underrated channel. Constantly marathons of cops, Bar Rescue, unreal movies from the 90s, and now free fights. If you watched the Kimbo Slice vs Dada 3000 fight live, you will admit that it was maybe the best television you have ever watched. Two big ass dudes who were in terrible shape, slugging it out, and it ended by a guy like dieng and falling over.

Just truly amazing stuff. And then in the same night, there was the Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie fight. The hype video was pretty depressing, it showed Shamrock like living in an RV and basically just being a bum. And saying he was going to crush Gracie, but the fight ended with Shamrock getting TKO’d and claiming that he was hit illegally and complaining like a WWE wrestler when he gets hit with a chair the ref doesn’t see it. Like you really don’t see this type of controversy in the UFC. Bellator fighters have everything to lose. They get the washed up guys who are either on the brink of bankruptcy, or in the middle of it, and give them a chance to get a decent paycheck. This is all they have. The drama is amazing. And now this Saturday for free, we get Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen. This is literally to good to be true. Spike TV and Bellator coming up big. I was watching the hype video for this fight, and Chael Sonnen was talking shit and saying that Tito’s car was recently repossessed, and that he is a bum. If the past few Bellator events are any indication, this fight is going to be must watch. Thank you Bellator for making this happen, and thank you Spike TV for giving me endless hours of great television.

PS: Get rid of Lip Sync Battle, and bring back MANswers.

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Boobs, Beer, fast cars and rigs, chicken wings, watching the game with the boys, taking big dumps, MANswers has all the answers to the big questions guys need to know.  Image result for manswers

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Patriots To Play The Steelers In The AFC Championship

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So the Patriots are going to take on Big Ben and the Steelers this Sunday In Foxborough to see who heads to the Super Bowl. Am I nervous? Yeah, a little bit. I mean, I would much rather play the Chiefs then fat face Big Ben, Antonio, and Leavon, who wouldn’t. All week people were telling me how legit the Chiefs were, and how potent they can be, and we don’t want to see them in the AFC Championship. I legit died laughing and said they were a joke. Which they are. They showed it Sunday night. Lost at home to the Steelers. Pathetic to be honest. Same with the Cowboys. Just fraud teams. The Patriots played the Steelers earlier this year in Pittsburgh, which I was in attendance, and also met some nice Steelers fans.

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Although they didn’t have fat face at QB that game, the Patriots went to Heinz Field and demolished them. Really wasn’t that close. Not gunna lie, Heinz Field is a pretty cool place, much better than Gillette Stadium if we are being honest. Last year I predicted Patriots vs Panthers in the Super Bowl, which people laughed at me for, and if it wasn’t for Poo Poo Manning, I would have been right. This year I said Patriots vs Packers, and even though the Packers started off slow, I never took my prediction back. Sunday should be a war, but I think the Patriots pull out the dub. 27-21 Patriots in my prediction. As for the NFC game, I will be rooting for the Falcons, because honestly, I’m not tryna see Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl. He kinda scares me a little. Just a little bit. But honestly, I hope we blow the doors off the Steelers.  The Pats played like shit against the Texans, and still won by 18, which is crazy. We got the sloppy game out of our way, next stop Houston. I’m honestly having parade withdrawals. Need one in my life so fucking much right now. It’s been far too long.Image result for patriots superbowl parade

Is The Undertaker Going To Win The Royal Rumble?

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The road to Wrestlemania 33 starts at the Royal Rumble, which will take place in a couple of weeks. This years rumble is actually exciting, because there are so many possibilities on who could actually win. Unlike the last few years, which ended in boos when Bautista, Roman Reigns, and Triple H predictably won the rumble. This years match has names like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and Seth Rollins. Although we know HHH is going to come out and ruin Seth’s chances at winning, setting up what should be an awesome Wrestlemania match between the two. But people are salivating over the possibility of John Cena vs The Undertaker at WM 33. I’m not going to lie, I would love to see it to, because this might be Taker’s last WM. But how could they set it up. Would Cena have to beat Styles and win the WWE Championship at the Rumble, and have Taker win the Royal Rumble match, setting up a Cena Taker main event at Wrestlemania? But would Taker have to beat Cena and go on another championship run? I mean, I would personally like to see an underdog win the Royal Rumble, say a Chris Jericho, and set up the first ever best friend vs best friend match at Wrestlemania. That would put asses in the seats.wrestlemania chris jericho

The next couple of months could be huge for Jericho. He needs to get it started by shocking the world and winning the rumble. But also, say if Goldberg doesn’t win, what direction are they going to go with him? And also Lesnar. Because personally, I don’t want to see either of them win the Rumble, and I also don’t want to see them wrestle again at WM 33. Honestly pretty excited for the next couple of months leading up to Wrestlemania. So many questions still to be answered. Wrestlemania leaves fans with unforgettable moments. Hopefully this years doesn’t disappoint. I will never forget where I was when I witnessed the greatest upset in the history of sports, Brock Lesnar defeating The Undertakers 21-0 WM streak. This gif describes my reaction perfectly. I honestly almost had a heart attack and a mental break down at the same time. Probably the closest I’ve ever been to dieng to be honest.Cheezburger wwe wrestling shocked emotions

But if there is one thing I have learned from my many years of watching WWE, “You can’t kill whats already dead.”- The Undertaker



PS: If this man shows up, we are all fucked.

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Jae Crowder Goes On Rant On Twitter About Celtic’s Fans

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Honestly, this is pretty unexpected coming from a guy like Jae. When he came to Boston from the Mavs, he was pretty much a nobody, and the Celtic’s and their fans took him in like he was one of our own. And now he gets butt hurt because the crowd cheered for Gordon Hayward, who is a much better player than him, and also a free agent this off season. How thin skinned is this guy? Kind of a middle school move here by Jae. He didn’t snap like this when the crowd cheered for KD last year. If you want to go back to the Mavs, be my guest, because they fucking suck. And anyone would be lieng if they said they would rather have Jae Crowder than Gordon Heyward. My guess would Jae is part of a package deal at the trade deadline or in the offseason, and we sign or trade for Hayward. Name a cooler duo than this….. I’ll wait.Image result for gordon hayward brad stevens

Is Chip Kelly Joining The Patriots?

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Chip Kelly got shit canned from the 49ers after just winning 2 games in 2016. By the way, saw the owner of the 49ers on ESPN today, worst hair ever.

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Come on dude. You own an NFL team, get better hair. You can literally buy new hair. That is unacceptable. If you can fire an owner, do it now. You will never be taken serious or win if your owner is looking like that. But now there are reports that the 49ers are seriously considering a trade for Jimmy Garrapolo. It would involve the #2 overall pick in this years draft, and possibly Josh Mcdaniels moving to San Francisco as well. And the rumors are that Chip Kelly would replace him in New England. Please god, please don’t sign Chip. I am all in on trading Jimmy G for the #2 pick, but please stay clear of Chip Kelly. His NFL resume is brutal in his short stay in the league. He literally demolished the Eagles. Traded all their good players, and got fired. And now he got fired after his first year in San Fran. I need a top 5 pick. Imagine Jabril Peppers in the Pat’s defensive backfield? LION  excited yay lion woohoo

Let Chip go coach some shitty team, keep him away from the Patriots. Chip, go back to Durham and build a power house. #MakeUNHGreatAgainImage result for chip kelly unh