Is Chip Kelly Joining The Patriots?

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Chip Kelly got shit canned from the 49ers after just winning 2 games in 2016. By the way, saw the owner of the 49ers on ESPN today, worst hair ever.

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Come on dude. You own an NFL team, get better hair. You can literally buy new hair. That is unacceptable. If you can fire an owner, do it now. You will never be taken serious or win if your owner is looking like that. But now there are reports that the 49ers are seriously considering a trade for Jimmy Garrapolo. It would involve the #2 overall pick in this years draft, and possibly Josh Mcdaniels moving to San Francisco as well. And the rumors are that Chip Kelly would replace him in New England. Please god, please don’t sign Chip. I am all in on trading Jimmy G for the #2 pick, but please stay clear of Chip Kelly. His NFL resume is brutal in his short stay in the league. He literally demolished the Eagles. Traded all their good players, and got fired. And now he got fired after his first year in San Fran. I need a top 5 pick. Imagine Jabril Peppers in the Pat’s defensive backfield? LION  excited yay lion woohoo

Let Chip go coach some shitty team, keep him away from the Patriots. Chip, go back to Durham and build a power house. #MakeUNHGreatAgainImage result for chip kelly unh


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