Bellator MMA Is Better Than The UFC

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Ok, clearly Bellator is not a superior product than the UFC, but honestly, I like it more. UFC has all the big names, and all the big hype around their pay-per-views, but Bellator is constantly dishing out unreal fights from washed up fighters. In my opinion, Bellator is like WWE mixed with MMA. You get these washed up fighters, like Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, and Chael Sonnen, and you create a WWE type rivalry between them, its a recipe for amazing television. Not to mention, its free on Spike TV. Not going to lie, I am a massive Spike TV fan. Such an underrated channel. Constantly marathons of cops, Bar Rescue, unreal movies from the 90s, and now free fights. If you watched the Kimbo Slice vs Dada 3000 fight live, you will admit that it was maybe the best television you have ever watched. Two big ass dudes who were in terrible shape, slugging it out, and it ended by a guy like dieng and falling over.

Just truly amazing stuff. And then in the same night, there was the Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie fight. The hype video was pretty depressing, it showed Shamrock like living in an RV and basically just being a bum. And saying he was going to crush Gracie, but the fight ended with Shamrock getting TKO’d and claiming that he was hit illegally and complaining like a WWE wrestler when he gets hit with a chair the ref doesn’t see it. Like you really don’t see this type of controversy in the UFC. Bellator fighters have everything to lose. They get the washed up guys who are either on the brink of bankruptcy, or in the middle of it, and give them a chance to get a decent paycheck. This is all they have. The drama is amazing. And now this Saturday for free, we get Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen. This is literally to good to be true. Spike TV and Bellator coming up big. I was watching the hype video for this fight, and Chael Sonnen was talking shit and saying that Tito’s car was recently repossessed, and that he is a bum. If the past few Bellator events are any indication, this fight is going to be must watch. Thank you Bellator for making this happen, and thank you Spike TV for giving me endless hours of great television.

PS: Get rid of Lip Sync Battle, and bring back MANswers.

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