Patriots To Play The Steelers In The AFC Championship

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So the Patriots are going to take on Big Ben and the Steelers this Sunday In Foxborough to see who heads to the Super Bowl. Am I nervous? Yeah, a little bit. I mean, I would much rather play the Chiefs then fat face Big Ben, Antonio, and Leavon, who wouldn’t. All week people were telling me how legit the Chiefs were, and how potent they can be, and we don’t want to see them in the AFC Championship. I legit died laughing and said they were a joke. Which they are. They showed it Sunday night. Lost at home to the Steelers. Pathetic to be honest. Same with the Cowboys. Just fraud teams. The Patriots played the Steelers earlier this year in Pittsburgh, which I was in attendance, and also met some nice Steelers fans.

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Although they didn’t have fat face at QB that game, the Patriots went to Heinz Field and demolished them. Really wasn’t that close. Not gunna lie, Heinz Field is a pretty cool place, much better than Gillette Stadium if we are being honest. Last year I predicted Patriots vs Panthers in the Super Bowl, which people laughed at me for, and if it wasn’t for Poo Poo Manning, I would have been right. This year I said Patriots vs Packers, and even though the Packers started off slow, I never took my prediction back. Sunday should be a war, but I think the Patriots pull out the dub. 27-21 Patriots in my prediction. As for the NFC game, I will be rooting for the Falcons, because honestly, I’m not tryna see Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl. He kinda scares me a little. Just a little bit. But honestly, I hope we blow the doors off the Steelers.  The Pats played like shit against the Texans, and still won by 18, which is crazy. We got the sloppy game out of our way, next stop Houston. I’m honestly having parade withdrawals. Need one in my life so fucking much right now. It’s been far too long.Image result for patriots superbowl parade


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