So It Looks Like The Celtics May Get The #1 Pick In This Years Draft

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Finally, the #NetsPick looks to land the Celtics with the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. The Brooklyn Nets have lost 11 straight, and the teams that are just as bad as them keep winning. Like the Nets are bad, real bad. I am not going to sit here and say I am a die hard NBA fan, but I can name a handful of players on every team, but the only two Nets players I honestly can only name Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin. You know your team is brutal when Jeremy Lin is your best player, and he hasn’t played in like 3 weeks. I had to google their starting lineup tonight to see who was playing, and they started a dude named Spencer Dinwiddie. Really, there is a guy in the NBA named Spencer Dinwiddie. That is a white nerd scientist name, not an NBA player name. It kind of sucks that this years draft is pretty deep, but the majority of the top prospects are guards, which the Celtics already have an excess of, and Isaiah Thomas has been playing out of his mind, like Allen Iverson level.

So my guess would be that when we land the #1 pick in June, we will package that pick with maybe some bum ass players like Kelly Olynik or Amir Johnson, for a star PF or SG. But honestly having this much hype around a first round pick doesn’t come often in Boston, and it feels awesome. And we have next years Net’s pick as well. But honestly, the NBA is rigged, so we will probably get another 1997 Celtics tank to get Duncan and end up getting the 3 pick. Give me Demarcus Cousins……. I need Boogie.

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