Star Wars Episode 8 Is Titled “The Last Jedi”

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Love it, absolutely love it. I really don’t know what it could mean, other than maybe Luke dies, and the last Jedi is his daughter, Rey. But December can’t come soon enough. I saw Rogue One a couple weeks ago, and honestly it was awesome. The problem I had with Episodes 1-3, was the amount of CGI. It felt like I was watching a god damn cartoon. Half the movie was CGI, I hate that shit. Give me real actors, not computer animated figures. Thats why I thought Episode 7 and Rogue One were so amazing. The battle scenes used actual people, not cartoons. It looks way better, and feels more realistic. This time around, I will not be looking at social media the night before I go to see Episode 8. I was on Instagram, and A-rod posted a picture, and some troll commented “Han Solo dies in Episode 7.” Like what the fuck, who comments that on Alex Rodriguez’s picture.

Image result for mr crab meme

Literally me when I read that. The whole movie I was hoping it was a fake rumor. Well, it wasn’t and that kind of ruined it for me. Can’t wait to marathon all the movies the night before Episode 8. Probably the nerdiest thing you can imagine, but I am pumped.


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