Mario Kart 64 Came Out 20 Years Ago

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Lets all take a moment to recognize a real one. Shout out to the fucking GOAT. Name a more iconic game, I’ll wait. 20 fucking years ago, I can’t beilive that . But honestly, Mario Kart 64 is the greatest game of all time. I can’t think of a game that is this old, that still holds like this one does. I constantly find me and my friends, who are 24-25 years old, still playing this on the weekends. Not to mention, Don’t Drink And Drive, is a very quick way to drink a Bud Light in about 50 seconds while racing on Koopa Troopa Beach. That is if you are skilled enough to hit the shortcut.

Image result for koopa troopa beach

The N64 is by far the greatest system created, with some of the most classic games. You can play your Mario Kart Wii’s or Mario Kart 8’s (I’ve never played 8, but it looks pretty dope), but you can always find me on the old reliable 64. If your tryna catch these hands in MK, lemme know, because I’m always down to toss some knucks.


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