Darelle Revis Is A Terrorist?

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Darelle Revis got charged with robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy and aggravated assault last night while on a visit to Pittsburgh. How the mighty have fallen. This is what happens when you leave the Patriots. You are on a all time high, coming off an amazing Super Bowl winning season, you sign a huge contract with the Jets, and in year two of the contract, basically quit in the middle of the season, and then become a terrorist in the off season.Come on Darrelle, be better. I mean you suck now, but just don’t do terrorist things, not a good look. Also, I watched a video from his lawyer and he said that Revis got jumped by five guys and Revis said “Come on guys, I am NFL player Darrelle Revis, I don’t want any trouble.” There is literally no chance he said that. Also, robbery? Pretty sure he makes like 17 million dollars a year, what is he doing robbing? Maybe he went too hard partying, and dabbled with a little dust? Damn Revis, I didn’t know you liked to get wet.


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