BREAKING: DeMarcus Cousins Is Heading To New Orleans

Welp, the Woj bomb is officially in. The Celtics chance of landing Boogie Cousins is over. The Pelicans just traded a large haul to get him, and it sucks because the Celtics could have easily matched this offer. The Kings in return are going to get Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and a first and second round pick. Yikes. That first round pick is probably going to be the 12 or 13 pick, and we could have given Sacramento the potential #1, and Jae Crowder to go with it. This one really hurts. The rumors were flowing tonight because Cousins only played like two minuets tonight in the All-Star game. Refreshing Twitter for the past hour hoping to see a Woj bomb in favor of the Celtics, instead seeing Marc Stein basically shit on my face saying the Pelicans are the heavy favorite really put a damper on my night. At least it will make things some what interesting in the West now. I really hope the Pelicans can make the playoffs, because I really want to see what Boogie and Davis can put together. That combo could be real dangerous. I mean at this point, I guess we try to trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George. Meh, that doesn’t really have the hype that Boogie does. Welp, looks like I am all in the Markelle Fultz train. Choo Choo bitches!!!!

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