New Call of Duty Rumored To Be Called “Call of Duty: WWII”

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So this picture leaked this week, and from what I have read, it has been pretty much confirmed that this Fall’s COD will be WWII based. That is fantastic news. I can remember being in class last year, and reading that last year’s COD was going to be Infinite Warfare.

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This is the first time in three years that we are hopefully going to get a realistic shooting game. Taking it back to the good old days of COD, not jumping around with jet packs as robots. Trump has been in office for only four months, and COD is already great again! Image result for make call of duty great again

But seriously, this game has the potential to be great. A WWII COD with next gen graphics will be fucking awesome. As long as they don’t have stupid ass taunting, drop boxes, and basically everything Bops 3 and Infinite Warfare had, I am all in on this years COD. I really hope this isn’t just a huge hoax, and come November we get basically a Terminator 2 type of video game.

PS: Need a good campaign. I need the game to end with us being able to blow Hitler’s head off or some crazy shit. That would be cool.


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