The Undertaker Retires After Loss At Wrestlemania 33

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Damn, the end of an era. What a fucking wild ride The Undertaker took us on. After losing to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33 last night, Taker left his hat and gloves in the ring, signifying to the crowd that he has decided to finally hang them up.  I was talking last night to my friends, and realized that The Undertaker may be a top 5 legend in not only wrestling history, but just the world in general. Who else can say that they are 23-2 at Wrestlemania, and a household name across the world. You know your a legend when the likes of Kevin Love and Lebron James ask you to come do a pregame speech before one of their games. Image result for the undertaker cavaliers. Like this is kind of game respects game. Lebron is the best in the world in basketball, and Taker is just a known bad ass who will Tombstone Piledrive the shit out of you if you step to him. But that being said, I really didn’t hate Taker losing last night. He is clearly old as fuck, and his body isn’t holding up to well. I would of liked him to retire with the undefeated streak still intact, but we can’t always get what we want. But having Roman beating the Deadman on the greatest stage of them all can really elevate Roman to being the most hated wrestler of all time. Even before last night, the boos would be so defeing when Roman’s music would hit, that the WWE crew would have to quite their microphones so they didn’t pick them all up. But this blog isn’t about Roman Reigns, its about The Undertaker. Even though it is fake, you are lieng to yourself if you say you don’t almost piss yourself when you hear the bells when his intro hits.

It’s going to suck not having Undertaker be a part of the WWE again, but this too shall pass. So cheers to one hell of a career, and thank you for years of entertainment. Enjoy retirement ya bastid.

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