Celtics Win Game 7 To Advance To The Eastern Conference Finals

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What a time to be a Celtics fan. Last night, Kelly The Clinic Olynik put the whole city of Boston on his back and carried the Celtics to a game 7 win against the Wizards. Just a chippy series all around, and next stop is Lebron. This is bringing me back to the good ole days of the Big 3 vs Lebron rivalry. Yeah, its a totally different team, but there is something about playing Lebron in the ECF. I will never forget the time Lebron told his mom to sit the fuck down after Paul Pierce took him into the crowd. People are saying the C’s stand zero chance against the Cavs, fuck it, I want Lebron. Give me his head on a platter. Game 1 we need to set the tempo, punch him in the nose, figuratively and literally, and show him we ain’t some chumps. He is a beast, but also kind of a mental midget. Kevin Love is literally softer than Charmin Ultra Soft, and I am pretty sure he is having PTSD from when The Clinic Olynik ripped his shoulder out of his socket 2 years ago. This Cavs team wants nothing to do with Boston, I can guarantee that. I am amped up for tommrow night at 8.

But tonight is even bigger than the ECF series. Tonight is the NBA Draft lottery.

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The Celtics have the best odds at getting the #1 pick, but I have a feeling we will end up with #2 or 3. I am honestly petrfiied for the lottery process. Just a mental grind to watch this thing. Last year was brutal to watch and we got the #3 pick, but tonight, we have a real chance at getting #1. I pray to God we get it and draft Fultz, because if we get #2 and draft Lonzo Ball and Lavar Ball, I will snap.

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Trade the 2 pick ASAP. I can’t stand to look at Ugly Drake and his troll ass dad for the next 5 years. I wish nothing but bad luck on this kid’s career. Hate him, always have, always will, even if he is a Celtic next year. Image result for markelle fultz celtics

Need this to become a reality. Fultz is Celtic green is a dream come true.


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