The Red Sox Cut Fatty And Are Rumored To Trade For Todd Frazier

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Well it finally happend. After two and a half years, the Red Sox have finally DFAd Pablo Sandoval. I personally kept giving this guy a chance, thinking that he would be our fearless leader in October like he was in San Francisco, but the more his tenure in Boston went on, I started to lose faith. I think I saw the writing on the wall when he swung at a pitch and his gut was so big that his belt literally popped. And maybe I should have given up hope when he missed the whole 2016 season for literally being a fat ass. The Sox are paying him 50 million dollars to no longer show up to games. For a fat guy, being 30 years old, with 50 million more dollars guaranteed to you and 3 world series rings is probably exactly what he is looking for. Now he can afford all of the Golden Corral buffet lunches for the rest of his life, and not have to pretend he is a baseball player anymore. This is easily the worst signing in Red Sox history. I am glad he is out of the locker room. Time to move on.

Devin Merraro and the other guy who I am too lazy to look up his name, have been doing a decent job at replacing fatty at third. But the Sox are now looking to trade for Todd Frazier. Image result for todd frazier

I don’t know much about Frazier other than he is pretty solid and is a home run hitter. I think he is batting around .200 this season, but I am all in on the Sox getting him. I don’t see them making a World Series run with Merrero and Tzu Lin at third. I think a change of scenery and the green monster will really do Frazier well, and he will give us another bat, at a position they desperately need some hitting at.


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