Derek Jeter Trades Mike Stanton To The Yankees For A Bag Of Balls

Image result for giancarlo stanton yankees

The biggest news of the weekend was that new Marlins owner Derek Jeter traded Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton to the Yankees. The NL MVP and homer run leader now joins the AL home run leader. As a Red Sox fan, this news sucks. It sucks because this off season, we were supposed to get Stanton, and then he shit on our face and said he doesn’t want to come here. As we saw last year, the Yankees are young, talented and legit. And now they added the NL MVP and the most feared hitter in baseball. And guess what? The Red Sox have added no one! But hey, we still have JBJ!! He is sooooo good, he can catch a ball and make it look cool! Woo hoo! And also, we still have Dustin Pedrioa! He is good for maybe 2 home runs a year, but don’t forget, he is a dirt dog! If the Red Sox don’t go out and sign JD Martinez and either Hosmer or trade for Abreu, the season is over, and possibly the next decade is over. I didn’t want Martinez and Hosmer heading into this off-season, but now they must get both of them to even contend with the Yankees. If you think a team thats home run leader 24 Home Runs is going to win, you are a dumb ass.


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