My Takeaways From Last Night’s Fastlane

8A8CA877-DC39-4777-81C8-E29058D72C07.jpegThe last pay per view before WrestleMania happened last night, and honestly, in my opinion, it was pretty damn good. There was a lot to take in, so I feel like writing about my biggest takeaways from last nights pay per view.

The first match of the night was Shane & Miz vs The Usos. It was a pretty solid match, which many came to expect, and the long awaited turn came after the match when Shane attacked Miz and turned on his partner. The big spot in the match came when Shane met one of the Uso’s halfway in the air when they both jumped off the top rope and collided. It was a pretty cool spot, and it was something I have never seen before. Even though the team of Shane and The Miz was short lived, I honestly kind of dug it. And it’s weird to have Shane be the heel going into WrestleMania, when the Miz is usually playing that role. Also, why do they keep bringing the miz’s dad into this storyline? The guy shows zero emotion at all, and is very robotic. I have no clue why they are adding him into the storyline. Shane and Miz are two of my favorites on the roster, so I’m pretty excited about this match up.

The triple threat tag match was great as well. Honestly this was the match I was looking forward to the most on the card, because I have never been a Revival guy, so now that they have the ppv spot, I wanted them to prove why people are fawning over them. This match was pretty electric, and I love the team of Richochet and Aleister Black. One gripe I have is, either call these guys up permentally or keep them in NXT. I really hate this flip flopping of them to Raw and Smackdown every week. Not only does it make zero sense, but it was never really explained why they are on both shows. Whatever happened to the class of EC3 and Lars Sullivan? They kind of got cucked by these two.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade was set for the preshow, which was changed to a fatal four way for the US title, which I was hyped about. Rey and Andrade tear it up every time they are in the ring together, but add in Joe and R truth, and you got yourself a show. It’s crazy to me that Rey Mysterio is only 44 years old  the dude is great shape, and truly can still go at an elite level. This match was fantastic, and really showed off the mid card talent that SmackDown has. Andrade has been taunting Rey lately with Eddie Guerrero taunts, which he did more during this match, which makes me think they have a WrestleMania match, which hopefully isn’t on the preshow. The two spots that stood out to me where Andrade’s move off the top rope onto the outside of the ring towards the end of the match and Rey’s hurricarana directly after. This was an awesome match, but Rey and Andrade stood out to me by far. Joe got the W, which is making people think who he could possibly face at WrestleMania.

The triple threat for WWE championship was my match of the night. Taking out Kofi earlier in the night and replacing him with Mustafa Ali was a weird move, and it looked like early on that it could have ruined the match. Before the match even started, the crowd was chanting for Kofi, like they chant NXT and CM Punk during a Brock Lesnar Roman Riegns main event. I personally thought the crowd would not be interested, but because these guys stole the show, they were easily convinced to cheer. Ali is electric, and his Spanish Fly trap off the top rope drops my jaw every time he does it. I don’t care, I could watch him do that 50 times and it will never get old. Also, I’m kind of torn of torn on Kevin Owens using the stunner now, like I love it, but should that only be Austins’s move? I think the spot of the match was Ali with a off the top rope flip onto Bryan who was on the ring apron. Crazy spot, and perfectly executed. From 205 Live to Smackdown, Ali is proving to people that these smaller guys can go, and honestly deserve more respect. A couple false finishes, that I fell for, this match had everything, and I am interested to see where these superstars go come April.

my last take happened after Elias’s third concert of the night. Why did Randy Orton RKO Elias, when they are on two separate shows? I know they need to set up Orton vs Styles, but this felt so messy and forced. Listen, I’m in for Orton vs Styles, but be original in setting up the storyline, this really made no sense.

the Shield match was great, but I’m not going to get into that. Fastlane was awesome, and an all around solid show. There is still a lot to unravel and a lot of people need matches, so they need to kick this thing into high gear, Mania season is here!



Patriots Trade For Michael Bennett

E1997B06-7B86-4433-8E7A-4D392EA7D81B.jpegWeird flex, but ok? The Pats traded for Michael Bennett yesterday, out of no where, which is actually pretty cool. For a 33 year old, Bennett is still a monster, and will defiantly give their defensive line a upgrade. This is what I want the Patriots to do. Brady isn’t getting any younger, and we have one, maybe two more runs in us. Let’s stack this fucking team, bring back everyone, and trade draft picks for stars. Give me Odell, give me JJ Watt, bring back Gronk, fuck it, bring back Marty Bennett. Let’s tear this son of a bitch one last time. The draft next month should be pretty interesting, wouldn’t shock me if the Pats made a big move, can’t wait. This is what New England does, we win, and we upgrade. Rinse and repeat.

Bohemian Rhapsody Was Good

B35437F7-4E3B-431D-8205-4E51C0091288I rented Bohemian Rhapsody last night, and thought going into it, I wouldn’t really like it. I am not a huge Queen fan, but they do have some classics, but a movie about Freddy Mercury didn’t peak my interest in the slightest. I really hate biographical films , and think Hollywood should come up with actual original movies, but I can’t lie, I really enjoyed this movie. There was a lot about Mercury I didn’t know about, and really wasn’t aware of how electric the guy actually was, but Rami Malek kinda killed the role. I’m not sure if they did like CGI or something, but there were points in the concert scenes where it looked exactly like Freddy Mercury was actually playing. Also, Mike Myers being in the movie, and me not realizing until after was a mind fuck. He really needs to make Austin Powers 4.

A Lot Happened In WWE This Week

D08886D2-0D0E-4E20-898C-5E97592A5F07.jpegWrestleMania season is here, and it really is starting to feel like it, with great episodes of Raw and Smackdown this week. Raw got kicked off with the return of Roman Reigns, who announced his Cancer is in remission, with gave him the long awaited crowd pop and approval that Vince has spent the last 5 years searching for. It left the WWE Universe a little confused, because he never made it official to if he is healthy enough for a return right now and possibly a match at WrestleMania,  it Reigns came out later in the show, to aid a Seth Rollins. The segment created a lot of buzz, because Reigns looked healthy enough, and that got the people talking, who will he be facing at WrestleMania? The rumors are coming in hot that he may join Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins and make it a triple threat, but I pray that isn’t the case. I can see Roman being in Seth’s corner for his match against Brock, and have him slowly regain his role on the Raw roster.

Raw ended with the celebration of Ric Flair’s 70th birthday party. But was interrupted by possibly the best return I have ever seen. Batista returned to WWE with a backstage segment, dragging Flair by his collar on the ground, in an attempt to get HHH’s attention, obviously leading to a match at WrestleMania. I am all in on this right here. Not only does this fill the void of the HHH match, but I am actually interested in what they could do with this storyline, expescially that Batista is now the heel.

On Smacksown, Kevin Owens finally returned to the ring, and Vince has strapped a rocket to his back. Vince announced that he will be replacing Kofi Kingston at Fastlane to face Daniel Bryan. Vince’s reasoning for replacing Kofi really didn’t make any sense, but this could possible save the Kingston Bryan match for WrestleMania. This is pretty interesting, because it will give Kingston, and the crowd what they want, on the biggest stage. I love the story of it, but I really feel like that matchup doesn’t have a WrestleMania type of vibe to it. With 34 days to go, we will see how things play out, but for right now, it is getting interesting.

Bryce Harper Signs 13 Year 330 Million Dollar Contract With Phillies

30FD7342-5876-477F-A209-A95F13F5B93D.jpegFinally Bryce Harper signs his deal, and its with the Philadelphia Phillies. The deal is massive, and Bryce and I will both be 39 when that contracte ends, which is weird to think about. Baseball wise, this deal makes perfect sense for the Phillies. Honestly, I’m on the boat that Harper is very overrated, but they aren’t just signing him for his on field skills. He is Bryce Harper. He has the name, the look, the flash that the Phillies so desperately need. This guy is a marketing machine. The Phillies have been a dumpster for a very long time, and the fans can now be excited for baseball in Philadelphia. A young lineup, and a pretty good pitching staff with Nola and Arietta, the Phillies are defiantly going to be favorites to make a run in the National Leauge. We shall see if Harper lives up to this contract, which is nearly impossible, but anything less then 2 World Series wins is a disappointment in my opinion. If people think he is really worth that contract, he must win a couple rings for the city. If you look past his hair, and his All Star appearances, Harper has only hit 100 RBIs once in his career, which was last season, where he literally hit 100 exactly. Also, he has only hit 30+ home runs twice. My prediction is this contract is off the Phillies book in four years, and Harper gets dished to another team. Like all big contracts, Stanton, Hamilton, Pujols, I think this one will fail, unless they can win a ring in the next two seasons.

Manny Machado Cucks White Sox And Signs Long Term Deal With Padres

76A4B46A-C562-4070-8003-32A49A755E15.pngI can honestly say I didn’t see this one coming. Going into the offseason everyone expected the Yankees to throw stupid money at Machado and Bryce Harper. Fast forward a few months, and the Yankees are out on both, and it looks like a sure shot that Chicago will land Manny Machado. But in the last couple of days, the San Diego Padres have come out of no where, and have been all in on Machado and Harper. Not only were they all in, they gave Machado a 10 year 300 million dollar deal. And San Diego is the perfect place for Machado. Not only is the guy filthy rich, but now he can do what he does best, not try, and no one will even notice. Hell, I don’t hate the move. I am not competitive at all, and have always said if I were a pro athlete I would do the same thing Machado did, I would go to whichever team gave me the bag. And he picked a damn good place to be living. Making 30 million a year and living in San Diego is everyone’s dream. But the Machado news is pretty big, because the White Sox were pretty much a shoe in to sign Machado, to join their already star studded prospects, and contend for a World Series in 2020. So that really throws a monkey wrench in their plan. Hopefully this signing straps a rocket on the Bryce Harper signing, so we officially know how the MLB landscape will look going into 2019,

Kofi Kingston Stole The Show At Elimination Chamber

5949DD85-73A9-4F86-9365-86D9DE99AC8A.jpegWe are well on the road to Wrestlemania, and Elimination Chamber just wrapped up. The show itself was pretty entertaining, but what everyone will be talking about was the main event. The men’s Elimination Chamber match was pretty fantastic, but the ending was great. Kofi Kingston came into the match with the momentum he gained during the gauntlet match on SmackDown last week. Honestly, my pick to win the match was Randy Orton, but when he was eliminated, and it was down to Kingston and Bryan, I was rooting hard for Kofi. For a show that was 4 hours long, with tons of weird filler segments, the crowd was electric until the very end. Kingston took control of the match early when he climbed the Chamber and did a trust fall onto Bryan and Joe. For a match that relies so heavily on the gimmick, when it was down to Bryan and Kingston at the very end, and actual great wrestling match broke out. That is something I can’t remember actually happening in a Elimination Chamber match. I’m not saying that every match before tonight had sucked, but most of them rely on throwing guys through pods and into the cages. The crowd is behind Kofi, and it looks like creative backstage is actually listening to the WWE Universe. There is still a lot to be decided before Wrestlemania in April, but is Kofi Kingston actually going to get the push he deserves on the grandest stage of them all, and have his shot at the WWE title vs Daniel Bryan in April? Who in their right minds would have guessed that is where we are heading, but you can’t say Kofi doesn’t deserve that shot. If tonight is an example of what those two could do, why not give him that chance  I guess I’m kind of sold. It doesn’t have the big match Wrestlemania vibe, but it would be a great feel good story. With Fastlane coming up next month, it should be interesting on how they handle Kingston before Wrestlemania.


Night School Was Good


Before I go in, I had zero expectations for this movie. Every review I read, they all said this movie was trash or it was just plain bad. And boy oh boy were they wrong. I’m not even a huge Kevin Hart fan, but this movie had me rolling at times. I had never seen a trailer for the movie, so I had no clue who was in it, besides a Kevin apart and Tiffany Hadith, or even what the plot was, but it was a new comedy movie, so I was interested to say the least.

The Night School cast was hilarious, whether it was a Rob Riggle, aka Big Mac, who had never heard of the a McDonald’s or the famous sandwich, all the way from Fat Joe who played a prisoner in Skype who loved toilet hooch. But by far what made this movie funny was the principle of the school. I have seen that dude in a few movies and tv shows, and I got to admit, he is comical, in my opinion, he stole the show. I’m not sure who wrote the character, but him being a huge white nerd, but randomly trying act black at times was a hilarious touch.

Yes the movie itself was very stupid, but who cares. It’s a Kevin Hart comedy movie, what the hell do you expect? I hate these people who trash these type of movies, grading them on the same level as like The Titanic or something. It’s a stupid ass comedy movie, that you need to shut your brain off, and realize what your watching. Kevin Hart is growing on me. I used to hate him, but man, he’s pretty damn good at what he does. I’m a huge Rob Riggle guy, so it was good to see him on something other then a Fox NFL Sundays. Every character having their own reason for being in Night School was awesome, but the punk rebel girl was probably the worst character. The mom who hated her husband and wanted every guy to crack open her butt like a nut made me chuckle as well. So I’m not sure why this movie got such bad reviews, but if I am watching a movie alone, and still laughing out loud, then you did your job. Go out and watch Night School and see for yourself.

I Watched White Boy Rick And It Was Bad

BCA2BF23-B553-46FB-9ECD-1154105F75DC.jpegAs you can tell from the title, I watched White Boy Rick and it was a bad movie. I really don’t have much to say about this movie. Obviously I never heard of this story until I saw the trailer, but honestly, I was intrigued! Interesting story, drugs, guns and Matthew McConaughey, fuck it, why not. I know it was based on a true story, but nothing really happened. Like what you saw in the trailer, was pretty much what you got in the movie. McConaughey splayed per usual, but that was pretty much it. I hate to say it, but I despised the actor who played White Boy Rick. Kid just kinda pissed me off the whole time, instead of liking him. I didn’t hate the character, just the way the kid acted, wasn’t like a hick, but more like some trailer park rapper.


In real life, the dude looked like a hick, straight out of a trailer park, in the movie, they had the kid look like Mike Posner and act like Eminem (both from Detroit 😏). But yeah, this movie really stunk, and felt like a mix of War Dogs and Get Rich or Die Trying. Next review will be Night School. Most likely will suck, we shall see.

I Am All In On The Salt Lake Stallions

39A5697F-9898-4DBC-856A-2575DF55EBBFThe AAF kicked off last night for their inaugural first season ever. I, like millions of other people had no idea that they started their season the week after the Super Bowl, but boy am I excited. With the Celtics in shambles, and the Bruins season not starting until April for me, shitty, minor league football is exactly what I need in my life. After looking over the teams, I decided I am now officially a die hard Salt Lake Stallions fan.

7480436A-4EE1-43D2-90FC-FE558887B9EA.jpegI mean, look at that drip. That is too much damn sauce! We have our first game tonight, against the Arizona Hotshots, so I will report back tonight. But god damnit, I am excited about this league. A spring football league with Christian Hackenberg and Trent Richardson is what the doctor ordered. Excuse me while I drain my savings account, and buy some Stallions drip! #FullSteedAhead