Patriots Are Heading To The Super Bowl Once Again

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What a AFC Championship game we had on Sunday. To be honest, at no point in time did I think the Jaguars were actually going to win, but they really tried their best and gave it there all. Honestly, there wasn’t much more they could do, as they are the Jacksonville Jaguars and were playing the Patriots and Tom Brady at Gillette. Maybe not taking a knee and going into the half with 50 seconds left on the clock and some timeouts to spare, at least show that you have some faith in your offense. But we are now on to the Eagles. Zero percent chance the Patriots lose this game. I just can’t see Nick Foles going into the biggest game of his life, on the biggest stage, and tearing apart the Pats defense. Just not going to happen. Usually around this time of the year, I get a little nervous thinking about the big game, but not this year. I was more nervous for the Jags then I am for the Eagles. I said last year the Patriots were going to steam roll the Falcons, and I was wrong. In my opinion the Patriots should be at least a touchdown favorite over the Eagles. 31-21 Patriots, see you at the parade.


Derek Jeter Trades Mike Stanton To The Yankees For A Bag Of Balls

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The biggest news of the weekend was that new Marlins owner Derek Jeter traded Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton to the Yankees. The NL MVP and homer run leader now joins the AL home run leader. As a Red Sox fan, this news sucks. It sucks because this off season, we were supposed to get Stanton, and then he shit on our face and said he doesn’t want to come here. As we saw last year, the Yankees are young, talented and legit. And now they added the NL MVP and the most feared hitter in baseball. And guess what? The Red Sox have added no one! But hey, we still have JBJ!! He is sooooo good, he can catch a ball and make it look cool! Woo hoo! And also, we still have Dustin Pedrioa! He is good for maybe 2 home runs a year, but don’t forget, he is a dirt dog! If the Red Sox don’t go out and sign JD Martinez and either Hosmer or trade for Abreu, the season is over, and possibly the next decade is over. I didn’t want Martinez and Hosmer heading into this off-season, but now they must get both of them to even contend with the Yankees. If you think a team thats home run leader 24 Home Runs is going to win, you are a dumb ass.

Holy Shit, Celtics Trade IT To The Cavs For Kyrie Irving

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Holy cow, what a random block buster deal on a Tuesday in late August. One second I am on twitter looking at spicy memes, and the next second I am getting Woj Bombs left and right. So this trade took me a while to digest, but here is my take. I like it. Kyrie is under contract for a few years. We get to keep Tatum and Jaylen which I would have been heart broken if we dished them out. Imagine in three years, Kyrie, Tatum, Hayward and Jaylen, yeesh. IT was amazing in his short stay in Boston. Ironically, the only two players who can make my jaw draft from their offensive moves and skills are Isaiah and Kyrie. Although he was only here for about 2 years, Isaiah will be cemented as a Celtics legend. Jae Crowder, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Constant thin skinned cry baby. But other then Isaiah leaving, the Nets pick leaving us for the Cavs saddens me. I have had my eyes set on Michael Porter/Marvin Bagley III being on the Cetlics, and the thought of Tatum, Jaylen and Porter/Bagley in green was in my head 24/7. More to come from this trade, but as of right now, I am crab memed af. Image result for mr crab meme

NBA season can’t come soon enough, should be an amazing season!


The Red Sox Cut Fatty And Are Rumored To Trade For Todd Frazier

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Well it finally happend. After two and a half years, the Red Sox have finally DFAd Pablo Sandoval. I personally kept giving this guy a chance, thinking that he would be our fearless leader in October like he was in San Francisco, but the more his tenure in Boston went on, I started to lose faith. I think I saw the writing on the wall when he swung at a pitch and his gut was so big that his belt literally popped. And maybe I should have given up hope when he missed the whole 2016 season for literally being a fat ass. The Sox are paying him 50 million dollars to no longer show up to games. For a fat guy, being 30 years old, with 50 million more dollars guaranteed to you and 3 world series rings is probably exactly what he is looking for. Now he can afford all of the Golden Corral buffet lunches for the rest of his life, and not have to pretend he is a baseball player anymore. This is easily the worst signing in Red Sox history. I am glad he is out of the locker room. Time to move on.

Devin Merraro and the other guy who I am too lazy to look up his name, have been doing a decent job at replacing fatty at third. But the Sox are now looking to trade for Todd Frazier. Image result for todd frazier

I don’t know much about Frazier other than he is pretty solid and is a home run hitter. I think he is batting around .200 this season, but I am all in on the Sox getting him. I don’t see them making a World Series run with Merrero and Tzu Lin at third. I think a change of scenery and the green monster will really do Frazier well, and he will give us another bat, at a position they desperately need some hitting at.

The Celtics Trade The #1 Pick To The 76ers

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Well, that was fun while it lasted. For the first time in franchise history, the Celtics finally land the number one pick in the draft, and the Nets trade looks like it is finally paying off. But what does Danny Ainge do? He gives a big Fuck You to the Celtics fans, and trades the pick the 76ers. It is not confirmed what we are getting in return, but it is confirmed that the Sixers will be taking Markelle Fultz with the pick. From what I heard is that the Celtics will get the #3 pick and possibly the Lakers pick in next years draft. If that is true, I can kind of see why they made this trade. Drafting Josh Jackson at 3 and then possibly getting the 1 and 2 pick in the 2018 draft, which is supposed to be stacked, would be highway robbery again. I am hearing that this kid Mohamaed Bamba is supposed to be GOAT and is heading to Texas for his freshman season, and if we can get Bamba in green next year my life will be complete.Image result for bamba basketball

Need Bamba in my life. But also, Michael Porter from Mizzu is being compared to Kevin Durant, so that would be pretty awesome to land the new KD and also Bamba in the same draft. But seriously, this trade is a little sketchy right now, and honestly came out of nowhere. I personally thought the Celtics were in love with Fultz and he was a lock to be on our squad. Sucks, I really liked the kid and I think he will be a great scorer in the NBA, and could of replaced Isaiah when the team doesn’t sign him next summer. It also sucks to see Joel Embidd tweet out this picture.Image result for joel embiid markelle fultz

That could be a legit squad, really young and so much potential. But it has to be awkward for the dude on the left in the green. Everyone knows Ben Simmons, Fultz and Embidd. Clearly going to be the face of the 76eres franchise for a long time, but who the fuck is the dude in the green? Kind of ruins the photo.

I have said it a million times, I hope the Celtics draft for the future. We are not beating Lebron or the Warriors anytime soon, use these picks and get some young studs, and in 5 years we will run the leauge. But if trade these picks for Jimmy Butler, I will snap. That would set the franchise back years. The only player I am willing to trade all these picks for is Anthony Davis. Dude is the best big man in the leauge, and can dominate any team. But this season should be fun. Draft Jackson, sign Hayward, make the ECF again and pray the Nets and Lakers suck.

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The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 Trailer Just Dropped, And I Am Amped

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My god, MTV just hit a grand slam with this one. Just a couple months after the last season ended, The Challenge is back with what looks like their best season ever. To be honest, I watched one episode of the “new season”, aka the one with CM Punk, and couldn’t even pretend that it was good. Victor Cruz was the host and it was really cringe worthy. MTV trimming the fat down with this season and getting the real host, aka the GOAT, TJ Lavin back was clearly the right move. Even TJ wouldn’t be apart of this current season.

Look at this squad. This is a pure wrecking crew.  MTV knows what the people want. Exotic islands, sex, fighting, and a all-star cast. One thing that sticks out to me is that they brought back Hunter, who looks like he is jucing ike Mcgwire in 1997. If we all know one thing, muscles do not help you in winning the challenge. Having this season start in the middle of July is amazing. Just enough time for me to take in everything from last season, and get fully prepared for another season. This is the Dirty 30, and this season looks like it is going to be a grind. I am prepared for all out warfare. Lets fucking go!


David Price Snaps On Boston Media, Proceeds To Get Shelled By The Yankees

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So last week, David Price apperently snapped on some members of the Boston media, saying things like he isn’t going to talk to them on his days off, and telling others to basically fuck off. Price is a mental midget, always has been, always will be. We knew this when we signed him. But for him to say things like he doesn’t read Twitter mentions, and he is only on Twitter for like 10 seconds a day is just a flat lie. It is clear that he despises Boston, and regrets signing long time here so badly. I guarantee you he wishs he signed a contract in some place like San Diego, or go back to Tampa Bay, where he can just pitch, get paid, and not have to deal with any media or repercussions of sucking and letting up monster bombs. He is a baby. Saying things like Boston fans only care about if he pitches good, and that we don’t know him personally. He is a great guy, a family man, and he also built a whole baseball field for kids with special needs, which is awesome, and something everyone can respect, but when you suck and are getting paid 30 million a year, yeah people aren’t going to like you. Get that through your head. He looked amazing against the Orioles two weeks ago, and then goes out, in what may have been one of the biggest games of his life, against the Yankees in New York, and get shelled, it really isn’t a good look. I have always had his back. My friends conituesly trash him, calling him a bum and a loser, but I for some reason always stood by him. Price is making it very hard for me to continue to have his back. Trashing the media and then getting shell shocked the next night, dodging the media in Portland, and driving away in a 200k car isn’t really a great way to get the fans on your side. Get it through your head that we want you to succeed, but if you continue to dissapoint, the fans won’t respect you. I think he is signed here for 7 years, but I see him leaving after next season. Whether that is an opt out or a trade, only time will tell. He goes up against the Phillies tonight at Fenway, and he better be amazing. The Phillies have the worst record in the leauge, so if he doesn’t go out there and look anything short of spectacular, you can almost guarentee he will hear it from the fans and the media.

HBO To Drop A New Comedy Movie About The Tour De France With Andy Samberg, John Cena and Orlando Bloom

I am loving what HBO is doing recently. I am a huge fan of mini series that are only a season long like “Big Little Lies” and HBO Original movies like the Bernie madoff movie with De Niro. I am pumped for Tour de Pharmacy. I would go as far as saying that Andy Samberg is the most underated comedian in the game right now. Brooklyn 99 is hilarious, and I recently watched the Popstar movie, which was amazing aswell. Add in castmates like John Cena and Orlando Bloom, I am in. I would love to see HBO coninue movies like this, kind of like how Adam Sandlar’s deal with Netflix for exclusive Netflix streaming movies like twice a year. Although they haven’t been good, I have enjoyed them. Sandlar’s new movies get trashed in reviews, but you need to go in with the mindset that these movies will probably suck, but they are just funny. Not going to lie, Grown Ups 2 had me ROFLing. And Thats My Boy is an all time movie in my opinion.

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Samoa Joe To Face Brock Lesnar At Great Balls of Fire In July

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So Samoa Joe won the Fatal Five Way two weeks ago at Extreme Rules. It was a really solid match, and I think Joe winning took a lot of people by surprise. From what I heard, Finn Balor was the heavy favorite, but to see Joe win was pretty awesome. I always love when I accidentally hear a rumor, and it ends up being wrong, even if I don’t like the outcome. For example, many people didn’t like Randy Orton winning this year’s Royal Rumble, but I personally thought it was cool and different. Recently, on Smackdown, Jinder Mahal defeated Orton to win the WWE Championship, which I personally don’t mind. I like seeing unexpected things to happen in wrestling. At first I didn’t think Joe vs Lesnar would be entertaining, then the next night on Raw, I changed my mind.

Seeing Joe make Paul Heyman fall asleep was amazing. It is one of those moments as a wrestling fan you will never forget. Heyman has always been a troll, but no one puts their hands on him because of the repercussions that would follow at the hands of Brock Lesnar. But Samoa Joe doesn’t give a fuck about Lesnar. That is what is making this rivalry awesome. It will be a straight up brawl at GBOF. I won’t even call it a wrestling match, it will be a fight. I always love it when the whole roster has to come out to get in the middle of two people, like what happened on Raw last night. Although I don’t think Joe will win, mainly because Lesnar probably demands he has the belt and main events Summerslam, I expect an awesome match.

Lastly, come on WWE, what is with the title of the pay-per-view? Great Balls of Fire? When I heard that, I thought it was a joke. I wish they went back to The Great American Bash. I always liked that ppv name. Nothing worse than the generic ppv titles like “Money in the Bank” “Extreme Rules” “Tables Ladders and Chairs” or even “Hell in a Cell”. I really wish they got rid of those and gave each ppv a real name.

Lago’s First Annual NBA Mock Draft (2017 Edition)

The Celtics got the first overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft for the first time in franchise history, so I find it only fitting that I give you my mock draft. Now granted, I am only going to give you my top ten picks, and my honest opinion about every prospect. I watched a lot of college basketball this season, but I am definitely not expert (came in second in my tournament pool out of 42, no big deal). Lets get this shit popping shall we?

  1. Boston Celtics, Markelle Fultz, WashingtonImage result for markelle fultz  Love it. Give me Fultz. I am a huge believer in team chemistry, and I think this kid can work with IT, and they are both Washington guys. This kid can score and his arms are long as fuck, and I have seen him do a few Lebron esq chasedown blocks. He seems like a good kid, and the Celtics would be foolish not to take him. Don’t trade the pick, get this kid ASAP.


2.  Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo Ball, UCLA

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Get this kid as far away from Boston as possible. The second I saw this kid play at UCLA I hated him. And this was wayyyyyy before I heard his dumb ass dad speak. The kid just has a really punchable face, actually his brothers all do to. I swear to god if I have to see his ugly Drake looking face in Boston every night, with his fat ignorant dad sitting court side screaming at the coaches, I will snap. I pray this kid’s NBA career is a complete failure and Big Baller Brand bankrupts his father for the next twenty years.Image result for lonzo ball family

This family is cringe worthy, and I haven’t hated an athlete like this is quite some time. The ZO2 shoe costs $495 dollars and it looks like a shoe a fry cook at Burger King would wear. Let the Lakers take this chump, and I hope Lebron or Boogie Cousins rips his head off before the All-Star Break.


3. Philadelphia 76ers, Josh Jackson, Kansas

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I like this kid. When I watched Kansas play, him and Frank Mason could take over games. If I am the Lakers, I am taking him #2, but Magic Johnson is a moron, and will take ugly Drake. If I am the 76ers, I am a little worried. He is only 20 years old. but come on, he looks like he is 45 and 10 years in on a 25 to life in the state pen. That is not the face of a 20 year old. Could be a potential Danny Almonte situation here. But really, this kid has potential to be a beast, and I think he will. I am a big dunk guy, and I have seen him throw down some monstrous dunks. I think the 76ers would prefer Ball because they could use a true point guard to go with Embidd and Ben Simmons, but getting Jackson at 3 is a pretty good deal.

4. Phoenix Suns, Malik Monk, Kentucky

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To be honest, I always got Monk and Fox mixed up until like February of the season. I don’t know too much about this kid, but I know he is fast, and he can score. Don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure he dropped close to 50 points in a game this season. The Suns are a pretty pathetic franchise, but I think Monk could add some scoring to the team, and help out Devin Booker and Eric Bledsoe. They drafted an extremely haggard big man last year in Dragen Bender, and if he pans out, which he probably won’t, the Suns could be pretty good. But once again, they probably won’t. Too many Kentucky players is never a good thing (Bledsoe, Booker, Monk).

5. Sacramento Kings, Jayson Tatum, Duke

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Going into last season, the standout stars for Duke were supposed to be Grayson Allen and Harry Giles. Harry Giles legit sucked and I think played like five minuets a game, and Grayson Allen couldn’t stop tripping people, and looking shockingly like Lying Ted Cruz. Tatum jumped onto the scene with a few standout games towards the middle of the season. I personally don’t think he will be anything special in the NBA, but the experts think differently. I think at best, this kid is maybe a shittier Jared Dudley. Duke players don’t translate to the NBA, that is just a fact.

6. Orlando Magic, Jonathan Isaac, FSU

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This kid has a lot of height and length. Lanky as fuck, and he could be just what the Magic need. Then again, they are the Magic, and haven’t been good since Nam. I like their point guard Elfrid Payton, and I think he could work well with Isaac. Seeing as they shipped Serge Ibaka to Toronto at the deadline, Isaac could see himself playing a big role in the team as a rookie. He is really skinny, so I think he needs to get in the gym and get some #Gainz. FSU was also the most overrated team in the country last year, and lost some really bad stinkers, so take it how you want it.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves, De’Arron Fox, Kentucky

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All I know this kid for is speed. Super fast and nimble. He had a really solid season at Kentucky, and him and Monk worked really well together, The Twolves have something great with Towns and Wiggins, and adding another young talent like Fox could push them into the playoffs. They drafted Kris Dunn last year, and he was pretty shitty his rookie year. Ricky Rubio has been in trade rumors for the past 20 years, so expect this to be his last year in Minnesota. Fox would be a great fit here.

8. New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina, Unknown

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I know literally nothing about this kid, I just keep seeing his name pop up. He didn’t play college ball in the US, so he is very unknown. The Knicks are literally the most pathetic franchise in the leauge, so they will probably draft this kid, and he will probably never play a game in the leauge. I am very confident the Knicks take this bum.

9. Dallas Mavericks, Dennis Smith Jr., NC State

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Before the season started, this kid was a potential #1 pick, then the season started, and he was just mediocre. I don’t know much about him, but the games I watched he was legit pathetic.  I remember watching the ACC tournament, and he had something like 3 points at halftime…….. vs Clemson. So if you want to take this kid, be my guest, he is going to suck. I don’t care about what all the nerds say, that he has all this potential. My theory is, if you sucked in college, there is a 0% chance you are good in the NBA. This kid sucks, he will fit perfectly in Dallas.

10. Sacramento Kings, Zach Collins, Gonzaga

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I don’t hate this pick. The Kings got roasted by fans when they traded Boogie at the All Star Break for what looked like Buddy Hield and a bag of balls. But I didn’t see it like that. Yeah, maybe they could have gotten more, but Boogie wasn’t working there, and I was and still am big of Hield. Two lottery picks, and the #6 pick last year is a pretty good deal for a franchise who have been stuck in the mud the past ten or so years. This kid is a big who had a good career at Gonzaga (I don’t really know that, I just saw his face a ton during the tournament, and everyone said he was good). I am pretty sure the only Center the kings have right now is Kosta Koufos,  who is gross, Image result for kosta koufos kings

so this kid is an instant upgrade.


That wraps it up folks. An electric top ten preview from your boy, with everything from expert insight, to my opinions on this years elite prospects. I will see you on June 22nd and we shall see what happens.