The Undertaker Retires After Loss At Wrestlemania 33

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Damn, the end of an era. What a fucking wild ride The Undertaker took us on. After losing to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33 last night, Taker left his hat and gloves in the ring, signifying to the crowd that he has decided to finally hang them up.  I was talking last night to my friends, and realized that The Undertaker may be a top 5 legend in not only wrestling history, but just the world in general. Who else can say that they are 23-2 at Wrestlemania, and a household name across the world. You know your a legend when the likes of Kevin Love and Lebron James ask you to come do a pregame speech before one of their games. Image result for the undertaker cavaliers. Like this is kind of game respects game. Lebron is the best in the world in basketball, and Taker is just a known bad ass who will Tombstone Piledrive the shit out of you if you step to him. But that being said, I really didn’t hate Taker losing last night. He is clearly old as fuck, and his body isn’t holding up to well. I would of liked him to retire with the undefeated streak still intact, but we can’t always get what we want. But having Roman beating the Deadman on the greatest stage of them all can really elevate Roman to being the most hated wrestler of all time. Even before last night, the boos would be so defeing when Roman’s music would hit, that the WWE crew would have to quite their microphones so they didn’t pick them all up. But this blog isn’t about Roman Reigns, its about The Undertaker. Even though it is fake, you are lieng to yourself if you say you don’t almost piss yourself when you hear the bells when his intro hits.

It’s going to suck not having Undertaker be a part of the WWE again, but this too shall pass. So cheers to one hell of a career, and thank you for years of entertainment. Enjoy retirement ya bastid.

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New Call of Duty Rumored To Be Called “Call of Duty: WWII”

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So this picture leaked this week, and from what I have read, it has been pretty much confirmed that this Fall’s COD will be WWII based. That is fantastic news. I can remember being in class last year, and reading that last year’s COD was going to be Infinite Warfare.

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This is the first time in three years that we are hopefully going to get a realistic shooting game. Taking it back to the good old days of COD, not jumping around with jet packs as robots. Trump has been in office for only four months, and COD is already great again! Image result for make call of duty great again

But seriously, this game has the potential to be great. A WWII COD with next gen graphics will be fucking awesome. As long as they don’t have stupid ass taunting, drop boxes, and basically everything Bops 3 and Infinite Warfare had, I am all in on this years COD. I really hope this isn’t just a huge hoax, and come November we get basically a Terminator 2 type of video game.

PS: Need a good campaign. I need the game to end with us being able to blow Hitler’s head off or some crazy shit. That would be cool.

Smackdown 3/21/17 Recap

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With Wrestlemania 33 less than two weeks away, it is time for the WWE to put their pedal to the metal, and culminate every story line to grab the fans attention. This weeks episode of Smackdown did just that, elevated story lines, and also gave us some great matches in between.

The show started with AJ Styles interrupting GM Daniel Bryan backstage, demanding that he tells him where Shane McMahon is. It seemed that the main point of this weeks episode was to build up the storyline between AJ and Shane, because lets face it, a lot of people are kind of skeptical about the match, and that was something AJ even addressed. When he went into the middle of the ring, decked out in a very corny Wrestlemania visor and shirt, not helping his soccer mom look at all, he told the crowd that without him, Smackdown plummets in the ratings. I hate to say it, but he is kind of right, he is probably the best wrestler on the program, and this segment really drove that home. He actually sold me on this match, because now the rivalry seems personal. Just last week, I was asking myself why are they even going to fight at Wrestlemania. A pretty good opening to set the pace for the show.


Image result for smackdown liveThe first match was between American Alpha and the Usos, and surprisingly, it was for the tag team titles. To be honest, I didn’t think they would chance belts this close to Wrestlemania, but I guess I was wrong. What a match these two tag teams put on. One of the best non PPV matches I’ve seen in a really long time. Seeing the Usos as heels and coming out dressed as thugs with “Day One Ish” jumpsuits is something I am still getting used to, especially seeing as they wore more neon colors than John Cena during their run on Raw in the past few years. The crowd was really into this match, and rightfully so. We saw some good physical spots from both teams, including moonsault from Chad Gable onto the outside of the ring, and a plethora of suplexs from American Alpha. I really like AA because they remind of me Team Angle back in the day. I’m a huge suplex guy, and they are great at them. The Usos ended up winning the belts in a PPV quality match. I am really excited to see where these two tag teams end up in the future, I would love to see a rematch at Wrestlemania.

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Throughout the show JBL and the Smackdown announcers kept hinting that The Miz has unreleased “Total Bellas” footage that was going to bury and besmirch the name and reputation of John Cena. Something that I was actually excited about. But what we got was even better. We ended up getting a fake Total Bellas show with The Miz playing a very robotic and awkward John Cena, and his wife playing an exaggerated version of Nikki Bella.

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The segment was great, and they played different clips throughout the show. When they announced we were getting a mixed tag match at Wrestlemania between the two couples, I, like many other fans, were let down. But what The Miz has been doing the past couple of weeks on the mic, and now cutting these funny videos, is nothing short of spectacular. As for Cena and Nikki, they really haven’t done much for the storyline, except do each other’s finishing moves in pointless matches like John Cena vs Fandango, that we got this week, and then hug each other in the ring afterwards. I am sure Cena and Nikki will win at Wrestlemania, but it is a shame, because The Miz has been carrying this whole rivalry.

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Up next was a very slow and boring match between Baron Corbin and Randy Orton. The match was kind of dull, and it ended with Orton hitting an RKO, with the help of a distraction from Dean Ambrose. Two weeks ago, Corbin squished Ambrose with a forklift, which in real life would have easily crushed him to death, but because this is WWE, he is fine, and is not pressing charges. In the middle of the match, Ambrose comes out to the entrance ramp, standing on the same fork lift that was used to almost murder him two weeks prior. After Orton wins and leaves the ring, Ambrose hits Corbin with a Dirty Deeds, and tells him his match for the Intercontintel Championship at Wrestlemania is on. Usually, I would be excited for this match, but lately, the Lunatic Fringe is kind of boring. If they want fans to get excited for this match, make it a No Holds Barred or a Street Fight. Fans were excited for the Ambrose vs Lesnar Street Fight last year, but were disappointed when nothing really happened. Except Dean did try to attack Brock with a chainsaw.Image result for dean ambrose chainsaw

Just let Ambrose and Corbin go at it, weapons, chairs, tables, blood, and maybe even chainsaws. Make the match something like Edge vs Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22, and the crowd will appreciate it.

The show ended with Shane McMahon finally in the ring, calling out AJ Styles, demanding he comes forward. Shane was rocking a nice shiner on his eye, which I couldn’t tell if it was real, or just a good makeup job. Obviously AJ, who was hunting down Shane the whole episode comes down, but it trying to apologize to Shane. Shane wasn’t having it, and the two started brawling. I think everyone knows what happens next, yup, the flying elbow. Vintage Shane-O-Mac. Image result for shane mcmahon aj styles

For Shane to be as old and as powerful as he is, and still being doing this kind of shit is amazing. It really shows that he wants Smackdown to be the #1 show. There is no need for him to be wrestling at Wrestlemania, and there is certainly no need for him to be risking his body doing stunts like this. But god damn it do I love it. I know this match is kind of random, but when you have Shane in this kind of shape, still be able to hit spots like that, I am now interested. With one more Smackdown until the big show, I am interested in how they will wrap it all up and bring these rivalrys to a head. Lots of opportunities here, lets hope they don’t screw it up.

Patriots Trade For Brandin Cooks

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The news hit last night that the Patriots traded their first round pick to the Saints for Brandin Cooks. One, I didn’t beilive it to be true, because the rumor was a Malcom Butler for Cooks trade was going to happen. A trade, I for one hated. We already have a plethora of electric WRs, and I didn’t want to trade Malcom, expescially since we just signed Stephon Gilmore. But the fact that we get to keep Malcom, and add argubly the most electric WR in the game right now is just cheating. Image result for bill belichick orange juice

I know this picture is played out, but how the fuck do teams keep letting Bill fleece them like this. What an off season for the Patriots so far. Dwayne Allen, Brandin Cooks, Kony Ealy, and Stephon Gilmore. All we have lost so far is Logan Ryan (who is trash and I couldn’t be happier he’s gone), and my boy Jabaal Sheard. To be honest, I don’t know how the hell Brady is going to utilize Cooks, Edelman, Hogan, Gronk, Allen, Mitchell, Amendola, James White and Dion Lewis. And who knows about Michael Floyd. He is probably just doing push-ups and pull-ups and getting outrageously prison jacked right now in some Arizona jail cell. After the Patriots won their fifth Superbowl, I wasn’t that excited about this season. I looked at it as if we win another that is fucking amazing, but if we lose, well guess what, they have one 5 times and I am only 24 years old. That’s enough Superbowl’s for one lifetime. But after this off season, this is my mood until September. LETS FUCKINGGGG GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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BREAKING: DeMarcus Cousins Is Heading To New Orleans

Welp, the Woj bomb is officially in. The Celtics chance of landing Boogie Cousins is over. The Pelicans just traded a large haul to get him, and it sucks because the Celtics could have easily matched this offer. The Kings in return are going to get Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and a first and second round pick. Yikes. That first round pick is probably going to be the 12 or 13 pick, and we could have given Sacramento the potential #1, and Jae Crowder to go with it. This one really hurts. The rumors were flowing tonight because Cousins only played like two minuets tonight in the All-Star game. Refreshing Twitter for the past hour hoping to see a Woj bomb in favor of the Celtics, instead seeing Marc Stein basically shit on my face saying the Pelicans are the heavy favorite really put a damper on my night. At least it will make things some what interesting in the West now. I really hope the Pelicans can make the playoffs, because I really want to see what Boogie and Davis can put together. That combo could be real dangerous. I mean at this point, I guess we try to trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George. Meh, that doesn’t really have the hype that Boogie does. Welp, looks like I am all in the Markelle Fultz train. Choo Choo bitches!!!!

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Darelle Revis Is A Terrorist?

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Darelle Revis got charged with robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy and aggravated assault last night while on a visit to Pittsburgh. How the mighty have fallen. This is what happens when you leave the Patriots. You are on a all time high, coming off an amazing Super Bowl winning season, you sign a huge contract with the Jets, and in year two of the contract, basically quit in the middle of the season, and then become a terrorist in the off season.Come on Darrelle, be better. I mean you suck now, but just don’t do terrorist things, not a good look. Also, I watched a video from his lawyer and he said that Revis got jumped by five guys and Revis said “Come on guys, I am NFL player Darrelle Revis, I don’t want any trouble.” There is literally no chance he said that. Also, robbery? Pretty sure he makes like 17 million dollars a year, what is he doing robbing? Maybe he went too hard partying, and dabbled with a little dust? Damn Revis, I didn’t know you liked to get wet.

John Wick: Chapter 2 Was Fucking Amazing

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I’m really not huge into action movies, but last summer when I saw John Wick, I became obsessed. Seriously, one of the most slept on movies of all time. I am a HUGE Keanu guy. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect. The Matrix, Point Break, The Replacements, and now the John Wick movies, Keanu now has a resume that holds up with the greats like Tom Hanks and Leo. Like I said earlier, not a huge action movie guy, but these movies kick ass. There is a scene where Keanu literally kills a guy by shoving a pencil in his ear hole and slamming his head down. Like who comes up with this shit? I would have to say that in the two John Wick movies, Keanu has probably killed roughly 378 men.  Thankfully they ended Chapter 2 with a minor cliff hanger and Chapter 3 is already in progress, because you bet your ass that I will be at the midnight premier. Also Ruby Rose is pretty good looking.

Wrestlemania Is Shaping Up To Look Pretty Shitty

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Tonight is the Elimination Chamber PPV for Smackdown, and the match itself should be pretty damn good. But last month, we saw Randy Orton surprisingly win the Royal Rumble, and John Cena win the WWE Championship earlier that night. Immediately, fans were not happy that we were going to see Cena vs Orton for the 175th time. With Orton in this mini feud with Bray Wyatt, many people are predicting that Bray wins the chamber match tonight, and goes on to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 33. Meh, I honestly don’t hate it, I’m glad Bray might get a well deserved push, but I would like to see a triple threat match between Cena, Orton, and Wyatt for the belt. Instead we will probably get Cena and Nikki Bella vs The Miz and his wife, which is pretty shitty. Then we have the Raw side of things, which doesn’t look too promising. At Fastlane, Goldberg will face Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship, which predictably, Goldberg will probably will. With Lesnar vs Goldberg 3 already confirmed for WM, it will probably be for the title, and Lesnar will probably win. And it looks like right now, they are setting up a Roman Reigns vs Undertaker match which will be TERRIBLE. I have no interest in that match, and I don’t think anyone does. Just brutal. One match that has potential to be amazing is HHH vs Seth Rollins. A rivalry that has been brewing for years, sadly may not take place because of Rollins recently injury, which sucks. Hopefully he still makes appearances on Raw, to make the story line better, and can get healthy before April for Mania. As of now my prediction for the card is

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg for the Universal Championship (Main Event)

Seth Rollins vs HHH

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker

John Cena and Nikki Bella vs The Miz and his wife

Big Show vs Shaq

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Pretty shitty, and theres also a ton of superstars on the roster left off of the card. So like I said, hopefully I am wrong, because as of right now, that card stinks on ice. Fix it WWE, please.

Mario Kart 64 Came Out 20 Years Ago

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Lets all take a moment to recognize a real one. Shout out to the fucking GOAT. Name a more iconic game, I’ll wait. 20 fucking years ago, I can’t beilive that . But honestly, Mario Kart 64 is the greatest game of all time. I can’t think of a game that is this old, that still holds like this one does. I constantly find me and my friends, who are 24-25 years old, still playing this on the weekends. Not to mention, Don’t Drink And Drive, is a very quick way to drink a Bud Light in about 50 seconds while racing on Koopa Troopa Beach. That is if you are skilled enough to hit the shortcut.

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The N64 is by far the greatest system created, with some of the most classic games. You can play your Mario Kart Wii’s or Mario Kart 8’s (I’ve never played 8, but it looks pretty dope), but you can always find me on the old reliable 64. If your tryna catch these hands in MK, lemme know, because I’m always down to toss some knucks.

One Week Ago, The Patriots Won Superbowl 51

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You have heard it a million, the Patriots were down 28-3, and had the greatest comeback in sports history. Everyone is saying this is the greatest Superbowl in the history of the NFL. It was awesome, it was a roller coaster of emotions, but I would say the Patriots vs Seahawks game was still the greatest Superbowl game of all time. But don’t let that take you away from how fucking amazing this game was. The Patriots came out flat, and straight up sucked in the beginning. When Brady threw the pick six, I started crying. Not balling my eyes out, but tears were defiantly flowing, did the old put the sweatshirt hood on so no one could see I was actually weeping. I was at my lowest, I was weak, I was dead. Then came halftime. I couldn’t stand be a party pooper. Something had to change. We needed to switch things up. Instead of listening to the Lady Gaga halftime show, we made our own show. This Patriots win was 100% dedicated to Lemmy, without him, we stood no chance. Started cranking some Lemmy, aggressively taking shots of Knob Creek and the

next thing you know, the dead man has rose. 

The Edelman catch was just too good. We deserved that catch. The Tyree catch, the Manningham, the Kearse, and now the Julio Jones catch, God has been watching us Patriots fans, and blessed us. The second Brady threw the touchdown is Amendola to make it 28-20, the whole world knew the Falcons had already lost. Just no chance in hell you score again after blowing that lead. Brady was in their heads. I have learned my lesson about 5 times being a Patriots fan, you never count this team out. Never.

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Also, the Patriots already trademarking “Blitz for 6” today is as cocky as it gets. Lets re-sign our whole defense, get a good draft class, and lets win this shit again. I need another parade. LETSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Thomas Brady Voice)