The Red Sox Finally Land J.D. Martinez

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LETSSSSSSSSSS GOOOOO! Although it took much longer then everyone thought, the deal is finally done, and J.D. Martinez is coming to Boston. The wait actually paid off, as the Sox got a pretty good deal on J.D. To the people who hate this deal, shut up please. Harper or Machado are not coming here, and this team is great right now, so why not get that power bat we have been missing since Big Papi retired? I was watching J.D. highlights the other night, and was straight up salivating at his power. Dude just crushes oppo field home runs like its not ones business. Put him fourth in the lineup, and you finally have a batter pitchers are scared to face. Last year you didn’t have that, you had Dustin “The Dirt Dog” Pedrioa, who pitchers probably laughed at. And the whole Yankees aspect of this season, I am still not sold on them winning the AL East, and that was before the Martinez signing. CC Sabathia had a great season last year, that isn’t happening again, he is fat and old, and that will show this season. Their lineup is scary, but what happens when Judge doesn’t start off the season like he did last year, and him and Stanton go on cold streaks? And that rotation is still sub par. Instead of adding to the rotation, the Yankees went out and got more power. Don’t get me wrong, they will be good, but I think with the addition of Martinez, bounce back seasons from the guys last year, and our rotation with a full season of Price, the Sox will take the AL East for the third straight year. Can Baseball season please start already?


David Price Snaps On Boston Media, Proceeds To Get Shelled By The Yankees

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So last week, David Price apperently snapped on some members of the Boston media, saying things like he isn’t going to talk to them on his days off, and telling others to basically fuck off. Price is a mental midget, always has been, always will be. We knew this when we signed him. But for him to say things like he doesn’t read Twitter mentions, and he is only on Twitter for like 10 seconds a day is just a flat lie. It is clear that he despises Boston, and regrets signing long time here so badly. I guarantee you he wishs he signed a contract in some place like San Diego, or go back to Tampa Bay, where he can just pitch, get paid, and not have to deal with any media or repercussions of sucking and letting up monster bombs. He is a baby. Saying things like Boston fans only care about if he pitches good, and that we don’t know him personally. He is a great guy, a family man, and he also built a whole baseball field for kids with special needs, which is awesome, and something everyone can respect, but when you suck and are getting paid 30 million a year, yeah people aren’t going to like you. Get that through your head. He looked amazing against the Orioles two weeks ago, and then goes out, in what may have been one of the biggest games of his life, against the Yankees in New York, and get shelled, it really isn’t a good look. I have always had his back. My friends conituesly trash him, calling him a bum and a loser, but I for some reason always stood by him. Price is making it very hard for me to continue to have his back. Trashing the media and then getting shell shocked the next night, dodging the media in Portland, and driving away in a 200k car isn’t really a great way to get the fans on your side. Get it through your head that we want you to succeed, but if you continue to dissapoint, the fans won’t respect you. I think he is signed here for 7 years, but I see him leaving after next season. Whether that is an opt out or a trade, only time will tell. He goes up against the Phillies tonight at Fenway, and he better be amazing. The Phillies have the worst record in the leauge, so if he doesn’t go out there and look anything short of spectacular, you can almost guarentee he will hear it from the fans and the media.

Principle Belding Puts A Jabroni Through A Table

Everyone always talks about what the cast of Saved By The Bell is doing now. Basically Mario Lopez is the only one who is still on TV. Zach,Kelly, and Jessie still occasionally pop up on TV. But who would ever imagine that Screech would be in prison, Lisa Turtle would be white and Belding would be whooping some ass in a wrestling ring? Imagine being the guy who got put through the table by Principle Belding? Life is officially over. No coming back from that.

Boston College & Notre Dame Unveil Jerseys For Shamrock Series at Fenway Park

Well if you weren’t excited enough for this game, BC & Notre Dame just released pictures of the jersey’s they will be wearing when the two teams meet at Fenway on November 21st. If I were to make a prediction for the score of the game strictly based off the jerseys, BC wins 75-3. Lets get into the pictures


Awesome. 10/10. Throw it back to when the GOAT (Doug Flutie) threw the most famous Hail Mary pass of all time to win against Miami. What better of a way to pay homage to the 1984 Heisman winner then to dedicate a game jersey to him. And what a game to pick. An awesome rival at an awesome venue.

Now to Notre Dame:


Ew, literally gross. 3/10 and that is me being nice. Has Notre Dame ever gone all green? Probably not. There’s a reason behind that. It looks awful. I guarentee even the players don’t like those. Half the team is probably signing transfer papers right now and buying plane tickets to Boston. Disrespectful to wear all green and call your self “The Green Monsters” when playing at Fenway.

BC will most likely go into this game a heavy under dog, and that’s honestly the way it should be. If I were to make a bias prediction, I am going to say BC wins 21-20. But realisticlly it will probably end up being Notre Dame on top 41-10 when the final whistle blows. #GoEagles